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This Month Send an Inspirational Greeting Card Along With an Invitation to Coffee

Greeting Card Organizer
Greeting Card Organizer

Much of the world wakes up with a cup of coffee. There are a few rare individuals who seem to be able to greet the day without the aid of a warm drink, but for most of us a deep, rich cup of delicious brew is required. Coffee is so dear to us that Monday, September 29 is dedicated as International Coffee Day. In honor of the event, here’s a little bit of coffee history and a suggestion for sending at least one person an inspirational greeting card to invite them to enjoy the day with you.

How Coffee Came to Be
No one knows for sure how coffee first came to be, but legend has it that the first person to discover the joy of coffee drinking lived in Ethiopia. A goat-herder in that country is said to have noted the excessive energy and wakefulness of his goats that had been nibbling the beans of a coffee plant. The farmer took some beans to a local monastery where it is reported that the first-ever cup of coffee was brewed by the monks who lived there. The servants of Christ were delighted with the drink’s ability to help them stay awake for evening prayers.

The Birth of Coffee Culture
If Ethiopia was the place where coffee was discovered, Arabia is where the bean was first cultivated. Arab communities were the first to create a coffee culture. It was among the people of the Near and Middle East that coffee houses got their start. These coffee houses became the hub of social activity where local citizens gathered to enjoy a drink, share conversation, play games and even listen to music. Coffee was so popular that it was called the wine of Araby.

As missionaries and traders interacted with the Arab world, the love of coffee spread. It was carried to Asia and Italy and from there it travelled across the continent and into western culture. By the middle of the 1800s there were coffee houses all across Europe and 300 plus in London alone. The New World held onto its preference for tea until a fateful day in Boston Harbor when Americans protested against high taxes on the British beverage. Coffee eventually replaced tea as the beverage of choice.

Send an Inspirational Greeting Card and Invite Someone to Celebrate Coffee Day There’s more which could be said about one of the world’s best-loved beverages – like the many places that it is grown or how it came to be called a cup of Joe. But better than talking about coffee, is making time to drink it. At The Printery House we invite you to use the opportunity to invite someone in your life out for a cup of coffee any way you like it. Send an inspirational greeting card and let them know how they make your life better and ask them to join you for a cup of coffee to celebrate International Coffee Day. If they live far away, tuck a coffee house gift card inside their card. Make sure your words of affirmation are in there too.

How Inspirational Cards Really do Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

When Faced with Things We Cannot Change
When Faced with Things We Cannot Change

Think for a moment about the last gift you received. It may have been a birthday present, Christmas gift, graduation gift or anniversary offering but chances are there was a card attached. Opening and reading the card was a way to connect you with the gift-giver. Most of the time, the gift is made more precious by the words that accompanied it.

Cards don’t have to come with a gift to create that kind of sweet connection. They work just fine all by themselves. For Christians, sending inspirational cards can be a chance to link hearts with another person and remind them of the powerful connection we enjoy with God at the same time.

Inspirational Cards That Offer Prayers
Christian greeting cards can come with beautiful artwork but what makes them even more special are the words they contain. Perhaps no human words are as powerful as those offered up in prayer to God. Sending someone a card with a written prayer is powerful because prayers are intimate and strengthening words addressed to the only One who is Almighty.

For example, we need comfort and encouragement when faced with trouble. A card with a Prayer for Comfort reminds us to look to God. Written prayers provide words for those times when the too-full heart feels mute and inarticulate.

Other times life brings uncertainties. We’re not sure which job to take, where to attend school or whether it’s time to make a career move. A card that bears a Prayer for Direction shows the other person that you understand their struggle even while it points them to the One who lights our way.

Or what about your friend who is in the midst of a storm? Sending them a card with a Prayer for Inner Peace directs their attention to the Lord who can provide stillness within even while the tempest rages all around.

Inspirational Cards That Offer Encouragement
Every Christian struggles at some point to walk out well the life of discipleship and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. That is just where a Christian greeting card can be encouraging. You may choose a card that encourages Faith with such words as “Believe that God is with you and feel safe..” Faith can be that sort of simple choice. But sometimes it helps to be reminded of that fact.

Your card that encourages joy may come at just the right moment. The words “Turn to God in prayer, let Him quiet your worry and lift your spirit with joy” can interrupt a bad day and help it get completely turned around.

Inspirational Cards That Apply Scripture
Just like the beautiful ribbon on a wrapped package, the words of Scripture can tie everything together. No words have power like God’s own. Sending a card that contains the life-giving manna found in the Bible is sure to make a difference. After all, God’s Word never returns to Him void.

Christian greeting cards can make a difference in someone’s day. In their Christian life, even. Link hearts with someone by sending them an inspirational card and be a part of connecting them afresh with the Lord of Love. To find inspirational cards like the ones mentioned here, visit The Printery House.

It’s Not Just “Thanks”: How to Write Inspirational Thank You Cards

Thank You for Watching Over Me
Thank You for Watching Over Me

When it comes to saying thanks, there are a million ways. Gracias. You’re a lifesaver. I couldn’t have done it without you. With warm gratitude. And the list goes on and on.

If you’re needing to send some inspirational thank you cards, start with the card itself, but don’t start with just one. Choose a set you like so that you’ll have them on hand. You may even try putting the cards, stamps, and addresses all together in your car or briefcase. It’s amazing how many special thanks you can send when you’re waiting somewhere or have a few extra minutes at a coffee shop.

One way to send a great thank you card is by choosing a card that has a story in itself. The Printery House, for example, has been designing and printing cards on-site in the hills of Conception Abbey for more than 60 years. The monks and artists who live and work at Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery, have a flair for creative designs that also incorporate a message of faith. It’s fun to know that sending a Printery House card means you’re helping support this critical and inspiring work!

Now that you’ve selected the right cards, writing the message doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by stating the deed or service you’re thankful for. Then state what it helped you do or meant to you. Then conclude by thanking the person again. It’s simple, but so meaningful. If a child has received a gift or been part of the experience, have them draw a picture inside the card for an extra special touch.

In fact, have you considered inviting local teens or your local youth group to get involved in a thank you note campaign? You can show them the basics of handwriting a message, and choose different groups such as missionaries, your church staff and clergy, veterans or other organizations that align with your church’s goals. This is a wonderful way to connect with local youth and help them understand how valuable writing inspirational thank you cards really is.

Today, we challenge you to write two thank you cards this month. Once you get started, you’ll find it’s something you really look forward to doing and you’ll likely write more than two! Check out a variety of great designs and options here at The Printery House.

Five Fun Things You Can do With Time Saved When You Shop Cards Online

Value Card Collection
Value Card Collection

Here’s a thought: sit down on your porch and order all your cards at once for events like graduations, baby Christenings, thanking friends and some “just because.” Once you experience the joy of saving time when you shop cards online, what can you do with that extra hour you just saved going to the retail store, waiting in line and heading back home? Here are some fun things to think about because you earned yourself some extra time:

1. Head to a friend’s house and surprise him/her with a cupcake delivery or some fresh baked cookies. How long has it been since you’ve had a chance to do that? Cards and gifts are wonderful, but the surprise of your presence, even for a half hour, can go a long way toward keeping the “weeds” away from precious relationships.

2. Look through your pantry for canned or packaged items you do not need, and make a box to take to the food bank. Put it in your car and it’s ready to go the next time you head out. Not only does it feel good to help people, you’ll have a little more room in your cabinet – and that could inspire you to keep going removing extra things from the rest of your kitchen.

3. It’s not exactly glamorous, but wiping down your doors and trim work once or twice a year gives your home a fresh new feeling, any season. Grab a damp cloth and go from room to room. In just 20 minutes, you’ll be surprised at the dirt you can collect. While you’re working, enjoy some upbeat music or use this time to pray for those on your list!

4. If you shop cards online, you may also have a little extra time to do something fun for yourself. Have you ever noticed the sizable collection of great magazines at your local library? Most libraries have current copies of dozens of titles you may not get at home, and who wouldn’t enjoy a quiet, leisurely browse?

5. Here’s an idea that may be the most fun … do a little bit of nothing. In this fast world, sometimes it’s surprising what doing a little bit of absolutely nothing feels like. There’s no shame and no guilt in spending 30 minutes in quiet thought, or thinking about nothing at all. This may be the space you need for your next great idea. After all, doing nothing is still doing something.

Ready to shop cards online and earn yourself some extra down time? Visit The Printery House online for a great selection of religious greeting cards, gifts and stationary. The monks and artists of The Printery House have been hand-designing cards and printing them on-site at their own printshop for more than 60 years. Now that’s a great story worth sharing, and worth contemplating as you’re embarking on one of the ideas above.