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Sending an Inspirational Greeting Card Can Help When You are Struggling With Loneliness

Be Still and Know That I Am God
Be Still and Know That I Am God

Social commentators talk about the modern phenomenon of urban isolation. This is what occurs when you put 8 or 9 million people close together in a bustling metropolis and they still feel alone. People in suburbia can feel lonely too. There’s a growing tendency in neighborhoods to never see beyond the neighbor’s garage door. The neighborhood as a social community has disappeared in many places.

God Made Humans Relational Beings
God made people for relationship. Humans have a desire for companionship and interaction. So when people feel alone, or perceive themselves as lonely, they quite naturally feel sad. God did not intend for His children to be all alone in the world. Psalm 68:6 says God sets the lonely in families.

Anyone Can Feel Lonely
Sometimes God, in His providence, calls a person to singleness or to remain childless. Even when a person does marry and have a family, that estate doesn’t last forever. Children grow and leave the home. Spouses die. Research shows that feeling lonely can even be somewhat genetic. There are many reasons why a person might feel lonely.

What to do When You Feel Lonely
It’s easy in that situation to withdraw and nurse the sadness. It’s easy to feel invisible. But one of the best things to do when you feel lonely is to reach out to someone else. Proverbs 18:24 says A man that has friends must show himself friendly. God doesn’t promise that everyone you say hello to will say hello back, but He does say that when you reach out to others it can help to bring people into your life to help you feel encouraged. You can start by sending someone words of encouragement in an inspirational greeting card.

Pick a Person, Any Person
Go to the priest or pastor and ask if he knows of anyone in the congregation who could use some cheering up. Send them an inspirational greeting card and let them know you were thinking of them. Are there people from your church in the nursing home? The hospital? Recovering from illness? Send them a card.

Moms trying to juggle a job and a family could use some encouragement. Parents of teens would love to hear something nice about their child or the way you saw them interact with their child at church. Husbands rarely receive praise for their faithful love and service. Everyone on the church staff would be lifted by a card from you. Pick a person, any person and send them an inspirational greeting card. Make it a habit and you may find that it is an open door that lets you out of your lonely room.

There are many kinds of Christian cards you can send to cheer the heart of another person. Check out the variety of cards for sale at The Printery House , for instance. When you feel trapped in loneliness, it can be hard to get motivated. Sending a card is a small step, but it can lead you into the world of connectedness God intended you to inhabit.

Send Christian Greeting Cards to Match Your Favorite Christian Songs

Christian Cards 2If you find yourself humming along – or singing out loud – to popular Christian music, you’re not alone. It’s a fast-growing category on radio and on downloadable music, with more stores and businesses playing it as well. For many, there’s just something uplifting and encouraging about so many contemporary Christian songs, in comparison to many types of other music.

This month, think about passing on some of that encouragement to a friend or family member with Christian greeting cards that echo that same uplifting sentiment. Like popular Christian music, today’s religious greeting cards are bright, bold and inspiring – especially when they’ve got a story, like those made by the monks and artists at The Printery House at Conception Abbey.

Here are some examples of the beautiful and unique cards that can align with messages from your favorite sing-along Christian songs:

1. “This is Amazing Grace,” by Phil Wickham. This song is one of the top on the Christian billboard charts for its message, including “This is amazing grace, this is unfailing love, that you would take my place.” If you have a friend who needs reminded of God’s Grace, try a card from the encouragement and prayer section of The Printery House’s online catalog. Some have bold photos and bright watercolor designs that are sure to encourage the recipient to stop and think about how His love surrounds us.

2. Send a card that reflects the popular Big Daddy Weave song “The Only Name (Yours Will Be)” when you want to congratulate someone on a job well done when it comes to a faith milestone. Try a card that is bold in its faith statement, acknowledging that they’ve made a firm decision and you’re proud of them. You might also send a card to honor a priest’s service or even a dedicated Sunday School teacher.

3. Don’t forget to send a card when someone you care about is going through a tough time, and you just need them to know it’s OK to feel sad, worried or unclear. Remind them that God can handle it if they’ll talk to Him in prayer. One song that reflects this feeling is captured in the popular song by The Afters, “Broken Hallelujah.” A card that may help someone know you’re there for them might be the unique bird on a tree card from The Printery House that says “sometimes all we can do is pray..”

As you think about the type of Christian greeting cards that would make a difference as you share your faith, don’t forget to include an occasional gift or trinket to serve as a reminder. Several wall crosses are available from online Christian stores, including new designs with contemporary looks that seem to shout out the message of God’s peace and mercy.

Today, browse The Printery House online for great religious cards and gifts that put you in the mood to hum your favorite song.

Recovering the Lost Art of a Handwritten Thanks: Send an Inspirational Thank You Card

Thank You Cards 10
Thank You for Watching Over Me

How many handwritten thank you cards have you received recently? Probably not many. A personally penned note has become something of a rarity these days. But as we all know, the more rare a thing is, the more value it contains.

Lost along the way

It’s hard to say exactly when the practice of writing cards and letters began to fade. No doubt it has something to do with the rise of electronic communication. The United States Postal Service conducts an annual survey that offers a peek into this decline.

Back in 1987 Americans received a handwritten piece of correspondence about once every two weeks. By 2010 the rate had dropped to just one note every seven weeks. At the same time, young adults today exchange around 88 text messages each day. Phone calls are down. Letter writing is down. There is a degree of personal connection that has been lost somewhere along the way.

Why recover it?

If digital communication is the natural evolution of correspondence, why bother to recover the handwritten note? There are a couple of reasons why, in fact. First ask yourself how you feel when you find a personal letter in your mailbox. If you’re honest, you feel a bit more elated than you do when you receive a nice text message or email.

That is because a handwritten note represents more of an investment. The person who sent you that card or letter spent some time composing their thoughts and then bothered to write them out. They spent the time and money needed to purchase a piece of stationary and a stamp. And after all of that – they made a walk to the mail drop. Handwritten letters are worth more because they are rare and because they require more investment. They are also worth recovering because of the good they do for the sender.

People who take the time to write down their “thanks” – or even verbalize them – enjoy a number of physical and psychological benefits from doing so. Things like better sleep and a greater degree of life satisfaction have been linked to the practice of expressing gratitude. Recovering this habit is good for everyone.

Why an inspirational thank you card?

If you use a Christian notecard then there will be some sort of inspirational thought or design to amplify your own message. Often religiously-themed cards will offer words of scripture which have power in themselves to lift another’s spirits. This can encourage someone in a deeper way with beautiful words of faith.

It is not too late to recover the quickly fading art of writing words of thanks. An inspirational thank you card makes a not-so-difficult task, even easier. Visit the online Christian gift store The Printery House to find the cards that will help you communicate a positive and uplifting word.

How to Honor a Hero with a Thank You Note this Christmas Season

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Christmas Cards 1
Christmas Spirit Collection

Going to the mailbox is so exciting at Christmas time. You are never quite sure who you will be hearing from at this time of year. You may get a card from a current neighbor or one from a friend from years ago. You’re sure to get one from your insurance agent. It’s the one time during the year that greeting cards outnumber the stack of catalogs and bills.

But for some Americans there are no anticipatory walks to the mailbox. For some, the Christmas season is a time to feel far from home. Our military men and women deployed around the globe will be spending this season in a strange country away from the people they love and the country they serve.

Wouldn’t it be great if all service members in uniform received cards full of Christmas love and brotherly encouragement? Wouldn’t you like to share some of your Christmas joy with a soldier? You can. The American Red Cross launched a program starting in 2006 called Holiday Mail for Heroes with that very idea in mind. Since that time, the Red Cross has helped to put over 6 million Christmas cards into the hands of men and women in uniform.

By helping to staff hospitals here at home and near the places of conflict, the Red Cross meets the real needs of real heroes on a daily basis. And at Christmastime they make it easy for you and me to do the same. This year’s Christmas card campaign is called Give Something That Means Something.

What means something to a soldier serving abroad is a word of thanks during an especially difficult time. Your Thank You card disguised as a Christmas card could help make the difference to a lonely soldier.

Here are some suggestions from the Red Cross:

1. Address your card to a “service member”

2. Write a personal note inside and be sure to sign your name.

3. If you write out several cards, don’t put them into individual envelopes. Instead, place the stack of cards without envelopes into a single, oversized envelope.

4. Stay away from glitter.

5. Do not include care packages, gifts or money with the cards.

6. Get your friends to send some cards too.
When you’re ready to send your card(s) send them in a flat rate box to:

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

And if you’re looking for Christmas cards that celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, check out The Printery House where the monks of Conception Abbey offer a wide selection of Christmas cards where Jesus and His coming stay front and center.