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Send a Religious Thank You Card to Someone Who’s Made a Difference in Your Life

You Are a Blessing
You Are a Blessing

Most of us were taught by our parents to thank people who give us a gift or who provide us with an extraordinary service (the doctor who delivered your baby, the priest who married you, the teacher who helped you make it through second grade). But, as a Christian, there are people who have tremendous influence in your life who may never hear the difference they are making.

These people are in your church, your bible study circle, your small group or your Sunday School class. Their life of faith inspires you and challenges you and blesses you, but do you ever take the time to let them know how? This week, make the decision to thank someone who has been a spiritual influence in your life. Someone outside of your family,that you’ve never thanked before.

Here are a few ways to show appreciation for the ones who inspire you to be better:

1. Make it Official Print off a certificate of thanks. Make your certificate say exactly what you want it to say “Best Supporting Friend”, “Best Prepared Group Leader”, “Favorite Bible Study Partner”. You fill in the details.

2. Home Baked Goodness Says a Lot Purchase a religious thank you card and inside write a personal note letting the person know how they’ve impacted your life: you are inspired by their prayer life; challenged by their devotion to aging parents; eager to learn more yourself because of their bible wisdom. Tie that card with a cheerful ribbon to a loaf of warm bread, a box of homemade cookies or a fresh-baked pie.

3. Recognize Their Spiritual Fruit Summer is a great time to share things that grow in the yard. You could put together a flower arrangement or even pot a flower or plant from your yard. If you are a vegetable gardener, gather some of your garden goodness into a handsome basket. Tuck a religious thank you card inside mentioning some spiritual fruit you admire in them.

4. Pay it Forward Have you ever been somewhere dining out and when the meal was finished you asked for the check and your waitress informed you that someone else had paid your bill. You could be the one to do the same for someone else.

You don’t have to send a religious thank you card only to people who do really big things. What about the widow who attends church faithfully – aren’t you challenged by her excellent example? What about the person who sits in front of you and sings with their whole heart on Sunday morning? Or the one who smilingly staffs the nursery? Or who plays the piano/organ? Just visit The Printery House online and order a box of religious thank you cards. A simple note letting the person know how their life is sharpening yours is all it takes. Do it today!

Saying Thank You to Someone Who Has Been an Encouragement to You: Send a Christian Greeting Card

Thank You Cards 6
So Grateful For You: Thank You Card

It’s easy to take for granted all the little (and big) things that others do to make your life journey more pleasant. What is not so easy is to take some time to recognize how other people are removing stumbling stones from your path and cheering you on from day to day. Being grateful takes intentionality and effort. Yet the rewards of thankfulness are many. And what could be a better time to decide to write out some words of thanks than November, the month of Thanksgiving?

So, this month why not plan to write a few Christian greeting cards to express your gratitude? I say write them because pen and ink communicate gratitude a bit more emphatically than emails and text messages. It takes a bit more time to choose a card and then choose your words and then put them in a mailbox – but that is exactly why they are more valuable to others!

The simplest cards to write are thank you cards for a gift received. Thanks for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts etc. require only an acknowledgement of the gift and then a line or two about how you intend to use or enjoy the gift. Simple right?

But encouragement is a gift as well. Give thanks for how people are impacting your life and don’t take their help for granted. If you give it five or ten minutes of focused thought, you will be able to come up with a list of people who have given you the gift of

It could be the coach of your child’s sports team who always finds something positive to say to your little one. It might be a teacher in your life (this could be at school, at church, in business or in a club). Maybe you’ve been blessed to have a mentor in your life; an older person who has given you wise counsel and advice when situations in your life seemed uncertain. Or maybe someone just had a gentle word when you really needed one.

It would be nice to mention a specific occasion when the person encouraged you, but it isn’t necessary. A general word of thanks for their help is okay. Whenever possible, tell the person how their support or action impacted you in terms of where you are today. If you feel stuck, there are places online where you can even find helpful wording for your card.

Most importantly, it’s never too late to say those words. Thank You. Hebrews 10:25 tells Christians to be ….encouraging one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching. That highlights how important it is to be encouraging others around us. Sending a Christian greeting card to someone who has helped you in a tough situation or lifted your spirits is an easy way to obey that command. Look for a great selection of cards and notes at The Printery House and make this November a month of giving thanks to others.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month: Take Time to Send a Christian Greeting Card or Gift to Say Thank You

Pastor Appreciation 1
Gratitude for Your Ministry

Those who shepherd the flock of Christ bear a heavy responsibility. Theirs is a high
calling. October is Clergy appreciation month and while these leaders deserve our prayer and words of gratitude all year long, this month represents a special opportunity to express your appreciation and support.

Although members of the Clergy are most visible at the weekly services, church leaders serve their congregations every day, throughout the day. On any given day, pastors and priests may be called upon to pray with someone over the phone, they may be offering counsel in their office, visiting the ill at the hospital or nursing home, performing weddings or funerals, attending potlucks or any number of other church events. These are the leaders who give a public face to the local church. They meet and greet visitors and newcomers. And, as the apostle Paul once said, on top of all of this, they bear responsibility for the church in prayer and oversight.

Since October has been designated Clergy Appreciation Month, don’t wait to come up with a plan for letting your pastor or priest know how much you value their work in the Lord. You may have a wonderful idea in mind for how to support your minister, but if you have a hard time coming up with your own ideas, here are a few we thought were helpful.

1. Send a Christian greeting card
You can send a card to the pastor, to his wife, even to his children – whether they live
at home or are away at college. It can be a humorous card or one that expresses a serious sentiment, but be sure to communicate to the entire family that you can see how each one is sacrificing for the benefit of the entire church. The pastor may be the person who is up front, but the family behind him shares in the commitment.

2. Schedule daily prayer
October is one month of designated appreciation, so why not gather church members and commit to daily prayer and encouragement during this month? You can assign a member to each day or several members to each week. These members pledge to pray on a given day or days for the pastor. You could even solicit specific prayer requests.

3. Give a gift
A gift can be homemade, home-baked or a gift card to a restaurant or store. You could even offer to babysit one evening.

4. Invite him over
Invite your minister and his family (if applicable) over for dinner or dessert. This is a great chance to say in person how thankful you are for his faithful labors.

5. Write a thank you
A simple thank you card is worth a lot and you’d be surprised how many people never take the time to pen just a few words.

Whether you choose to give a gift or send a Christian greeting card the important thing is to do it sooner rather than later. October will fly past just like every other month of the year. If you are looking for a place to find a Christian greeting card or gift, take a look at The Printery House where you can find anything from stationery to bibles to artwork and more.

Religious Greeting Cards Sent to Encourage and Uplift: Starting a Card Ministry



Whimsical Cards 1
In Your Doctor’s Best Advice

As nice as it is to get a surprise text from a friend during the day or discover an encouraging email in our inbox, there is still something extra-special about receiving a card in the mailbox. Perhaps we never fully outgrow our thrill over receiving gifts or maybe it’s just because cards and letters are expressions of love we can hold in our hands, but the fact remains – giving and receiving cards is meaningful in a way that digital communications may fall short.

When we want to let that other person know we are thinking of them and hope to breathe some new life into their heart, religious greeting cards can be just what the doctor ordered. Because they contain the life-giving words of Scripture, they contain powerful messages of love, hope or courage all on their own. Our few penned words jotted on the inside just seem to help the person take the eternally true Word of God into their heart as a personal gift.

One of the blessings of sending religious greeting cards is that it isn’t about us knowing exactly what to say, it’s about putting God’s words in another person’s path. Sometimes we don’t know what to say when a person has lost a loved one, has a family crisis or is dealing with challenges at work. But sending a card with God’s truth is much like taking our friend’s hand and placing it into the hand of God. We give them someone strong to hold onto when there are no human answers.

Other times people just need a good smile. When we can’t be there in person to produce a smile, cards can do the trick. Christian cards are not always serious; sometimes they are whimsical and funny. Oftentimes they can be sent for no other reason than to enclose a little ray of sunshine in an envelope to brighten another person’s day.

If you are looking for a way to minister God’s truth and hope to others, starting a card ministry could be one avenue for outreach. A card ministry can be formalized, meaning there is a group of people committed to card-writing with a system for who will write to whom and when. But a card ministry can also be a solo operation. Just you, your pen and a roll of stamps!

Maybe it’s been on your heart to take on a more active role in your church or community, but you weren’t sure what it might look like. It could be that God has a card ministry in mind for you. If you’re looking for religious greeting cards to send, The Printery House offers a wide range of cards for all sorts of occasions. Take some time to browse our site and with a few clicks of the mouse you will be set for an exciting ministry that touches lives with the hope of Christ.