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Church Cards Encourage You in the Everyday Moments of Life

Thank You Cards 2
Thanks My Friend For All You Do

When the pressures of life are pressing in on you, the kind words of a friend can feel like a valve that de-stresses your day. The wisest man who ever lived said that the right words spoken at the right time are like apples of gold in settings of silver – valuable and lovely. Sometimes we have the chance to speak kind words that give courage face to face, but other times we want to say something, but lack the opportunity. For people of faith, church cards provide a terrific way to interrupt someone’s day with important words during everyday moments in life.

Church cards sent on birthdays, wedding anniversaries and baptisms are great. There are all kinds of cheerful occasions when a religious greeting card is appropriate. But those days are far from the only moments in life when a fit word can cheer the heart. There are all kinds of significant times in life when a faith-filled card could do the trick.

When was the last time, for example, that you sent a card to thank your pastor or priest? These leaders wear the mantle of spiritual responsibility 24/7 and that is no light task in today’s world. Although they’ve been given the privilege of leadership, they are made of the very same stuff as the rest of us which means that at times, they feel discouraged. A card which thanks them for their work, which prays for their fruitfulness in service or which reminds them that it was God Himself who called them and will therefore continue equipping them may be the very thing that is needed to reinvigorate them.

Missionaries live and work out of sight, but they don’t need to be out of mind. These faithful servants have the very same struggles with marriages, kids, and ministry as anyone on top of living in another culture. An encouragement card that reminds them that they are thought of and prayed for could arrive on the very day that a pressure valve is needed.

Church cards commemorate ordinations and ordination anniversaries. There are cards with scriptures to send in honor of retirement as well as ones which make note of the joys and challenges associated with a job transfer. After all, even moving into a new home is a mixed bag of pleasure and pressure. There are church cards just for that day too.

Life was not meant to be walked through alone, because there are spots in the road where everyone needs an encouraging word or a helping hand. Faith-based cards work for all those times when getting together face to face doesn’t seem to happen.

All of life is a gift, so every day is special, yet some days just feel weightier. Sending a church card at such a time is a great way to breathe strength and courage into someone. If you are looking for cards to acknowledge ordinations, ministry service, job change or moving, why not check out the selection of church cards at The Printery House? Your card will be as valuable and precious as golden apples on a silver platter.

Religious Thank You Cards: The Gift of Saying Thanks

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

Next to the winter holidays, springtime may just be the busiest social time of the year. There are graduations, concerts, performances, open houses and wedding showers in abundance around this season.

As the weather warms up a bit and spring moves into summer there will be more weddings, garden parties, pool parties, barbecues and 4th of July events to attend. It is a great time of year for social interactions. All of which means it is a good idea to stock up on Thank You cards now so that you will have them on hand when you need them.

Lest you think that Thank You cards are a quaint relic of the past, think for a moment about how you feel when you discover an actual piece of personal correspondence in the mailbox. If you’re honest, it makes you feel just a bit happier about lugging in all the bulk mailings and bills to sort through. Keep that in mind when you write out a thank you card this spring/summer, you are sending happiness in an envelope to someone!

Thank you cards are really part of an ongoing conversation. Social interaction is a give and receive affair. Whether plain, funny or religious, thank you cards are one way that we show people that they are appreciated for themselves and not just their attendance or their gifts.

If you are a Christian, then the words of God are part of your everyday life and conversation already, so why not send a religious thank you card? Believing friends and family will appreciate being remembered and they will also appreciate the encouraging words and scripture verses. Saying thank you with a religious thank you card thus becomes a double-sided gift. The Printery House has an excellent selection of Thank You cards, all made on-site in the beautiful rolling hills of Conception Abbey.

Choosing the Perfect Mother’s Day Card Message

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momMothers are revered the world over for the contribution they make into the lives of their children. So how do you find the perfect Mother’s Day card message for your mom?

According to best estimates there are over 80 million mothers in America. Mother’s Day ranks third in terms of card sales occasions. It is expected that more than 150 million cards will be given this Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day card messages can be strongly sentimental, sharply witty or plain and simple. It really depends on the buyer and the mom.

Many people choose cards for others based on the type of card they themselves would like to receive. Whether it is a card with humor, or one that has a certain flavor of artwork, or even one chosen for the text, many card shoppers think about themselves and what sort of card reflects them when they go to pick out a Mother’s Day greeting.

It is also important to keep the recipient in mind when selecting a Mother’s Day card and Mother’s Day card message. If mom has a favorite bible verse, you might choose a card that highlights that scripture. Maybe mom enjoys gardening so a card with that motif would be especially appealing.

Mothers may enjoy clever wordplays or funny cards because they are women who love life and enjoy laughing. Giving this kind of mom a silly card is a great time to include a note about how much you appreciate the joy she brings into all kinds of situations.

There are a number of ways to choose the perfect Mother’s Day card, but at the end of the day it is really about finding out how to celebrate your mom for the special and unique person she is. If you are looking for a Mother’s Day card message that reflects your mother’s faith and love of God then we invite you to browse through the selection of Mother’s Day cards available at The Printery House. Each card from The Printery House is made on-site in the rolling hills of Conception Abbey, and many feature hand-lettering and images exclusively prepared by monks and artists. You are sure to find one that will speak the words of love, honor and faith that will bless her on her special day.