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  • Baptism Cards: See What the Artists Love

    An infant’s dedication to Jesus Christ, or “christening,” is a huge milestone in many Catholic and Christian families. It’s a celebration for sure, and the family is likely to keep and treasure baptism cards, gifts and other mementos. The images artists use for baptism cards hold deep meaning and symbolism, in addition to being beautiful. […]

  • Christian Birthday Cards: Yes, They Do Still Matter

    It just doesn’t seem like people send greeting cards via good old mail much anymore. To many, it seems so much easier to jot off a text or Facebook post wishing someone congratulations, or thanks or even an invitation. Birthday cards, which were once a pretty big part of birthdays, are often now a single […]

  • Holy Cards: Feed the Need to Inspire and Give Hope

    While many of us have gathered around a rack of cards that sing popular songs and other noises, sometimes a card that’s artistic, personal and faith-filled is what the moment calls for. Holy Cards fit the need. They’re small (think vintage Valentines), beautifully created and full of faith with prayers to be treasured. Send some […]

  • Church Cards Encourage You in the Everyday Moments of Life

    When the pressures of life are pressing in on you, the kind words of a friend can feel like a valve that de-stresses your day. The wisest man who ever lived said that the right words spoken at the right time are like apples of gold in settings of silver – valuable and lovely. Sometimes […]