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First Communion Traditions to Commemorate the Day



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Girl With Jesus – Musical First Communion Statue

When your child is ready to take his or her First Communion it is cause for celebration. You know what an important step this is for your child and their walk of personal faith. One way to help them grasp the importance of the occasion is to incorporate a truly festive atmosphere all around this spiritual event.

Since the Bible is full of God’s ideas on how to celebrate spiritual realities, we know that creating events to mark spiritual milestones is a good and even holy idea. God is a God of endless creativity and imagination. Some of us have a harder time with creativity. Here are some great ideas for celebrating a child’s First Communion.

1. Host a party
Nothing says celebration quite like an actual party. This can be a family affair. It can include godparents. It may include other Christians with whom your family or child is close. The more adults surrounding your child in his/her life of faith, the more they will sense that they have entered into a very real Christian community. Party foods can be whatever you like, but at least a special cake or cupcakes should be included. You may order a cake or decide to bake your own. Go online for cake ideas and recipes.

2. Start the day with a special meal
Whether or not you decide to host a party, you can start First Communion Sunday with a special breakfast. Homemade pancakes or waffles can be topped with a cross made of icing. An important-looking goblet filled with grape juice will feel special.

3. Take lots of pictures – one suitable for framing
Taking photos means this is a day worth remembering forever. Take lots of pictures. Be sure to get at least one shot that will be suitable for framing or making the centerpiece of a scrapbook page. Some parents decide to use a professional photographer.

4. Create your very own banner
Helping your child to create his/her own banner similar to the ones adorning the church will be memorable. Be sure to include symbols appropriate to the occasion – wheat (for the wafer), grapes (for the wine), a chalice and perhaps a dove (the Holy Spirit) or an Icthys (Christ) are just a few ideas. You can hang the banner at your party and later in your child’s room.

5. First Communion “First” gifts
This is a great opportunity to give your child their very own bible, rosary, cross necklace or book of prayers for the first time. These more grown-up gifts indicate that they are taking a grown-up step into their life of faith.

Whether you are looking for a photo album, book of prayers or even religious jewelry come take a look at The Printery House online gift shop. We print our very own First Communion cards and have a section of gifts devoted to this important occasion. We want to help you make this special day as memorable as possible!

Catholic Gift Stores Provide Unique Wedding Gifts

blesshomeWhen you believe in a couple and you believe in their union, the gift is more than just a quick stop at a big-chain store.

The customs associated with modern weddings have certainly undergone some changes, but what never changes is the joyful wishes guests want to convey to the happy couple. If the couple is Catholic, then Catholic gift stores could provide you with the kind of unique wedding gifts that express those joyful wishes loud and clear.

For many years brides and grooms have used bridal registries to help guests select an appropriate wedding gift. It can be helpful to remember that registries are simply gift suggestions. Wedding experts now say that the trend is moving away from gift registries. Couples are marrying later, and often already have many of the basic necessities needed to establish a ‘house’.

But even if the bride and groom are very young and setting up house for the very first time, sometimes it can feel a bit impersonal to purchase a gift from a list of suggestions. More and more often wedding attendees are choosing to give gifts with an individual stamp. And when the new couple is Catholic, gifts that reflect and support their faith are coming into vogue.

Rather than the conventional electric mixer or knife block, young Catholic couples may be happy to receive gifts that they can use to solidify their grounding as a union of faith. A new family Bible, for example, may not make it on any gift registry, but is a gift that provides blessing each day for years to come. Catholic gift stores offer wedding edition Bibles, study Bibles and even gift-appropriate illuminated Bibles.

While young couples often think about having enough bath towels for company or enough coasters for dinner guests, they may not think about how Christian art can contribute to the faith-filled environment they want their home to be. Wedding guests don’t need to buy major art pieces, but wall crosses or small, framed Bible verses can help cover blank walls in the home with the promise of God’s favor.

Finally, for years it was customary to give newlyweds gifts that only saw occasional use. China and silver patterns were chosen by the couple with great care, even though those items were put to use one or two times a year at best. Why not give them a crèche instead? Brides and grooms may little think in June how welcome Christmas decorations will be in December, but when the holidays roll around they will be excited to actually be prepared. Advent candles and Lenten supplies are other ways to help new couples establish a joint life of faith.

Catholic gift stores offer all sorts of personal gift options that are off the beaten path. Online stores like The Printery House make it easy to shop for unique weddin presents. Remember that it is still customary to send gifts to the bride’s (or new couple’s) address two weeks before the big day, so don’t wait too long before getting your summer wedding gifts.

Inspirational Gifts That Honor Dad on His Day

Fathers Day Gifts
Strength Magnet Clip

Fathers are the ones who play ball with the kids in the backyard, love to sled down the
hills at the speed of light, and read them stories about super heroes at night. But children of Christian fathers know that dads mean more even than that. A believing dad shows his children what it is like to be loved, guided and cared for by a heavenly Father. On Father’s Day, kids want to inspire the man that inspires faith in them!

Still, if your dad is like the majority of dads, it is hard to pin him down and get him to tell you what gift would make him feel loved and inspired on Father’s Day. Lots of dads live by the “I don’t need anything” motto. Without any ideas from dad, standard gifts lean towards barbeque equipment or outdoors gear. But, Father’s Day isn’t just about what dad needs, it’s about telling him how much you need him and how grateful you are that he is there for you. So here are just a few ideas for inspirational gifts to help you send the message loud and clear on Father’s Day.

Inspire His Love for the Bible

Christian fathers love God’s word, but they may not feel like they have all the time they would like to study and know it better. These dads might really appreciate the gift of a
study bible. Study bibles include helpful notes and references to enrich understanding and application of God’s powerful words without needing to go to other resources.

The St. John’s Bible is a unique Father’s Day gift that could easily wind up being a family heirloom. All the Bible text is written in stunning calligraphy and there are 25 pages of gorgeous illumination. The Bible can be purchased as a complete seven-volume set, or it could be given individually with each new set arriving on Father’s Days to come.

Dads might also like receiving the inspirational gift of devotional reading. The
complete Psalter offers dad rich wisdom and words for contemplation that he can
read day by day. Dads who become well-acquainted with the Psalter are prepared
with God’s perspective on life and the many challenges life presents.

Inspire His Frame of Mind

Dad is carrying a load of responsibility each and every day. Give dad the gift of Christian art so that words of faith are there in the middle of those days. Framed verses like Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength remind dad that it doesn’t depend upon him alone, but on the Savior who empowers fathers to fulfill their role.

Inspire His Hobbies

If dad has a hobby, Father’s Day is a great time to bless him with something that will make his hobby hours more enjoyable. Fathers who enjoy gardening might be inspired by a new garden stone or garden statue. Often these pieces include words of faith and welcome.

There are all kinds of little ways to let dad know that his life of faith blesses your life. The Printery House is an online Christian gift store where you can find all of these inspirational gifts and more. Check it out today.


Five Gift Ideas for Baby Baptism

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Seven Cross Charm Bracelet

Everything about babies is fresh and new. We all look with a bit of awe on this new life stuffed full of unseen potential. The baptism of a baby is a beautiful statement by the family and loved ones around the child, that they will do all in their power to help guide this new life in the direction of a faith-filled life.

If you are blessed to be a close relative or near friend to believing new parents, then you may find yourself sharing in the memorable day when the baby is baptized. There will be a lovely ceremony at the church and more than likely a small reception afterward to which it is customary to bring a gift. But what kind of gift is appropriate for the occasion? Here are five suggested gift ideas for baby baptism.

A Photographic Memory

Parents and baby will be very occupied during the baptism ceremony so they would probably be very appreciative of someone offering to take pictures or video of the event. Still photos can be placed in an album and one particularly favorite picture could be placed in a frame ready to put on baby’s dresser or hung on the nursery wall.

A Piece of Jewelry

On the day of baptism, infant girls sometimes wear cross necklaces or bracelets with a cross charm. For baby boys or girls who are being baptized into the Catholic faith, a rosary would make an appropriate gift. Having a tangible reference to faith that was theirs from their earliest months of life contributes to a growing identity of belief.

A Gift of Reading

No list of gift ideas for baby baptism is complete without including a children’s bible or gifts of religious books for the family. There are beautiful illustrated children’s bibles which can be used at bedtime for years to come. Besides bibles, think about devotional books which help the family make daily practice of consecration to God. There are a variety of books which teach the catechism to children or which contain family prayers and blessings.

A Word of Thanks

Mom and dad will have lots of thank you cards to write following the baptism. Why not have some stationary printed with baby’s initials? Sending out letters on personalized stationary is a great way to celebrate and mom and dad will be impressed with your thoughtfulness.

The Printery House is an online Christian gift store where you can find these and many other gift ideas for baby baptism celebrations. Such a special day deserves a gift that can be treasured for years to come.