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Let the Christian Gift Store Help You Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

With Appreciation
With Appreciation

October means many fun, fall activities. Hay mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, harvest parties….and Pastor Appreciation Month! How will you make use of the opportunity to express appreciation for the spiritual leaders God has placed in your life? October is Pastor Appreciation Month, but without a plan, the chance to encourage your pastor may pass you by.

It’s true that you could honor your pastor any day of the year. However, good intentions too often fall to the bottom of your weekly To Do list. Instead of letting another October slip by without acknowledging the blessing of your spiritual shepherd, make the effort this year to celebrate the occasion. Let the Christian gift store help you.

Here are a few possible ways to celebrate:

Your pastor or priest spends time reading the Scriptures along with other spiritual references so why not give him a special bookmark? You could plan to have children in the nursery or toddler program color the bookmarks – then date and laminate them. On the other hand, you could buy a set of bookmarks from the Christian gift store. Either way, he will have plenty of opportunity to remember how he was honored.

2. Books
Bookmarks are great companions to book. Why not have a Sunday school class collect money to buy the pastor a desired commentary or devotional book. If more people or classes want to be involved, purchase an entire set of commentaries. A new bible would also make a great gift.

3. Picture
This idea is easy and unique. Have someone with photography skills take an attractive photo of the church building. It can be color or black and white. Mat and frame the photo. Have those giving the gift date and sign the back before presenting.

4. Time for an Upgrade
One way to let your pastor or priest know how much you appreciate their ministry is to upgrade their work space. Maybe they would like a new desk chair. Perhaps a new coat of paint on the walls. A new machine that makes coffee or hot tea by the cup might be nice. Maybe a new, larger computer screen. Pastor Appreciation Month could mean time for an office upgrade.

5. Everyone Involved
Your shepherd will feel surprised and blessed if you spend a week showering him with thanks. For one week assign various groups within the church each day to be responsible for treating the leader. For example, the nursery committee might bring him a homemade pie on Monday, the deacons might deliver a balloon bouquet on Tuesday. On Wednesday the Sunday school teachers might present him with a gift card to the Christian gift store. You get the idea. And so will he!!

Plan now for ways to let the leader in your congregation know how grateful you are. Check out other great gift ideas at The Printery House. We offer a large selection of cards and gifts to encourage your pastor.

A Look Back at 2013 With Pope Francis

Pope Francis 2Time magazine chose Pope Francis as its Man of the Year for 2013. The Pope edged out several other high-profile candidates, none of whom could match this one man’s widespread appeal. Looking back at 2013 with Pope Francis one cannot but feel a sense of renewed hope. So just what is it that makes Pope Francis so remarkable?

The Pope stands tall as a man of true conviction and action. The former Cardinal and Archbishop of Buenos Aires had long been known as a priest who ministered to the real needs of real people and none of that heart for service was left behind when Jorge Bergoglio ascended to the seat of St Peter in March 2013.

He is a Pope of several firsts. For starters, he is the first to assume the name of St Francis. St Francis of Assisi was a man who turned his back on family wealth in order to share the gospel with humble people. This saint and founder of an order that followed an austere, self-supporting lifestyle was wholly devoted to preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pope Francis has chosen a name that effectively defines
his outlook on ministry.

To a world that seems jaded by the self-serving actions of the powerful, Pope Francis is like a breath of fresh air. A leader who believes in humble service and who exemplifies the message he preaches to others.

When he moved to the Vatican, Pope Francis astounded a watching world by refusing the palatial residence in favor of more humble apartments. He refused to be driven around in a luxurious (and safe) vehicle, but accepted instead a 1984 Renault. He chose as his first public celebrations, acts of servitude toward the lowly, washing the feet of prisoners, for example.

He is also the first non-European to be chosen as Pope in more than 1,000 years. The break with tradition which elected Pope Francis has been of monumental importance in terms of how the church and its leadership are perceived around the globe.

Though only in office since March of 2013, the Pope has shown a talent for handling the challenges facing the church without being sidetracked from its central mission. The Pope has not promised to abrogate church teaching or doctrine, but he has expressed willingness to dialogue. He is a leader who puts feet to his words and is ready to share words with those who feel excluded.

Pope Francis describes the church as a military field hospital – a place of comfort and healing for those crushed by the cruelties of life. And he expects those under him, including his flock, to be out on the streets begrimed from the work of meeting needs. This kind of servant-leadership is what a heart-sick world is looking for. A look at 2013 with Pope Francis is a look at how one true servant can upend a world of cynicism and despair. For pictures, prayer cards, bookmarks and other religious items commemorating the Pope, check out The Printery House.

Inspirational Cards & Homemade Goodies: What a College Student Loves to Get in the Mail


It’s September, and just about everyone is back in school, including college students. Whether this is the first year you’ve sent a child off to college or you’ve done it before, it’s always an exciting (and emotional) event.

Parents who want to encourage their college student, or those who’ve inspired that student along the way (such as Sunday School teachers) will want to start packing a care package. Kids in college will always welcome a package from home or a family friend. What makes for a great welcome gift box from home? Here are some suggestions:

First, pick out a selection of inspirational cards. Inspirational cards are available at Christian bookstores and they come in all sorts of styles and with all kinds of messages. Cards that encourage your student to lean on God, ones that remind them that God’s strength is available and sufficient or cards that let them know you are remembering them in daily prayer are perfect. So are cards which bear the simple reminder “God Loves You”. These cards will be the anchor for all the other goodies you choose to send along.

Cash is always in short supply and is therefore, always welcome. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. You can tuck a twenty dollar bill into a card along with a note that suggests using it for pizza or ice cream (or laundry). Getting a handwritten note from home with just a little fun money is a great way to surprise your college student.

College kids are expected to do a lot of reading, so a bookmark is another simple, but welcome gift that can be slipped inside an inspirational card. You can make the bookmark yourself or you can choose from a variety of bookmarks on sale at a Christian bookstore; either way the gift will be a regular reminder of the folks at home who are supporting the hard work of college. Desk or wall calendars also make great gifts that are easy to mail.

Gift cards are easily stuffed inside one of your inspirational cards. Gift cards that can be used at fast food chains, the gas station, the bookstore or even Wal-Mart (for dorm or school supplies) will bring a smile to your student’s face when he opens his mail. You could choose to send a different card every month. It will let your student know he is remembered and will make getting mail from home eagerly anticipated.

Of course, home-baked goodies are a staple of the college gift package. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and other homemade treats will make a wonderful surprise. But even better than the snack food and money will be the words you write. This is your chance to tell your child how much you believe in them. Inspirational cards with uplifting messages are valuable, but not more than the words that flow from a mother or father’s pen.

So send along regular care packages, but always include some heartfelt words of encouragement and praise. They mean more than you know and will be remembered for years to come. If you wonder where to buy great inspirational cards, check out our selection at the The Printery House. We offer a variety of cards that can help brighten the day of your college student.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts Dad Will Love

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Little Rock Catholic Study Bible

Dads are like main support beams in a house. They don’t attract a lot of attention, but without them everything you see would fall apart. Dad may not enjoy the spotlight, but once a year families pause to thank the man that God has placed into the role of Father. Dads provide security, comfort and strength. And when families are blessed with a dad who follows Christ, the blessings are just that much richer.

That said, it can be a tall order to come up with gifts that bless the man everyone turns to and relies upon. Unique Father’s Day gifts are hard to come by. Common Father’s Day gift ideas usually run along the lines of snazzy electronics, sports paraphernalia, or some new clothes that, to be honest, dad may not even want. Neckties are the ultimate in ‘been there, done that’ Father’s Day gift-giving.

This year why not give dad a gift that is out of the ordinary? If you are fortunate enough to have a Christian father, then give him a gift that celebrates that blessing. Unique Father’s Day gifts are a little easier to come up with when you focus on your dad’s faith, and how it has played a unique role in your own life. At The Printery House, there are a number of faith-related gifts that would be sure to make any dad feel loved and appreciated.

Give dad words of scripture and spiritual leadership to share

Catholic dads may enjoy receiving a new Catholic Study Bible. This Bible is worded for understanding. Visual aids help readers to recognize significant scripture passages. Dads might also appreciate a book containing Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers. Dads are the spiritual leaders in the home, but a book filled with prayers and words of blessing can help them take on that role with more confidence. A bookmark makes an ideal companion gift.

Give dad words of promise and blessing for himself

Dad gives out advice and wisdom, but dads need strengthening and encouragement too. Pocket prayers are terrific ways to keep words of blessing and spiritual encouragement ‘on hand’. At The Printery House you can find the Irish Pocket Prayer. This well-loved prayer is really a blessing. That same blessing can be purchased as a framed wall hanging. The blessing is hand-lettered and adorned with Celtic design. Whether putting his hand in his pocket or glancing up at his office or study wall, these words of prayer and blessing will encourage all day long.

Unique Father’s Day gifts don’t stop there, of course. There is a terrific Life Compass Silver-Plated Key Chain with a great back story. The compass refers to the parting words of wisdom a father gave to his college-bound son. Visit The Printery House website to read the whole story. The important thing about choosing a gift for your dad, is to find a way to say Thank You that resonates with him and lets him know how his life of faith has made an impact on yours.