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A Christian Birthday Card Folder and Other Ways to Make Childhood Birthdays Memorable

Birthdays Are a Blessing of Time
Birthdays Are a Blessing of Time

Childhood birthdays are fun for everyone. Children anticipate the day that they are the center of attention all year long. You want to make that day the very best it can be…and the most memorable. Kids may remember the year they got a bike but, for the most part, the gifts are lost in the mists of memory. It’s the traditions and special trappings of birthdays which live long in a child’s bank of memories.

To help you make your child’s birthday truly memorable, we’ve put together a list of fun ideas we’ve come across. Find at least one that you can try this year.

1. The Sneak Approach
While your little one is sleeping, creep into their room and fill it with balloons. A bumper crop of balloons when they awaken just screams HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hanging colorful streamers in the doorway is also lots of fun.

2. Make it Last All Day
Don’t wait until dinner time to have a family party – start at breakfast. You could bring your child breakfast in bed for their birthday or take them out for a special morning meal. Make sure the family table is decorated first thing in the morning, complete with balloons, streamers, confetti, party hats and noisemakers. Birthdays are an all-day affair. Set out baby photos as part of your celebration.

3. Make Your Own Birthday Parade
If you write “honk, it’s my child’s ___th birthday” on your car windows you can get perfect strangers to join in your all-day birthday celebration. This is like having your very own birthday parade wherever you go that day.

4. Answering the Phone at Birthday Party Central
All day long answer phone calls with something like “This is _____’s birthday, his mother speaking”. Your child will get the message that they are a person of special honor.

5. Make a Book of Coupons
Give the gift that keeps on giving – gift your child a homemade coupon book. Your coupon book could include things like:

  • Eat dessert first
  • No veggie night
  • Stay up 15 extra minutes
  • Choose the dinner menu
  • Chocolate milk at every meal for the day
  • Choose the family activity
  1. Send a Christian birthday card – load the mailbox
    Kids love to get mail. Make sure you send your child a birthday card. You might hold onto cards that arrive early and then load the mailbox on that special day. It’s okay to decorate the mailbox too.

6. A Christian Birthday Card Folder
When your child receives a Christian birthday card what do you do with it? Let those cards stay out where your child can see them for a week after their birthday, then put them in a special folder to be brought out year after year. The birthday card folder can join baby pictures on the birthday meal table. Seeing them year after year will impress them in your child’s memory. They will always recall that they had birthday greetings from loved ones far and near.

If it’s your child’s birthday, or the birthday of another child in your life, make sure you send a card worth saving. Send a Christian birthday card that references faith in God as the giver of all good things – including your special young person. Check out our selection of birthday cards at The Printery House.

Creating a Simple Birthday Celebration: Start With a Christian Birthday Card

Birthday Cards 6Not so many years ago, receiving a birthday card in the mail from distant relatives was still a big deal to kids. With Skype, email and texting it’s easier than ever for family members to stay connected and that is a good thing. One casualty of instant connectivity, however, has been the pleasure of giving and receiving cards in the mail.

It isn’t only the joy of handwritten mail that is slipping away. Big dollar birthday parties have become the norm and they are changing many things from self-perception to expectations. Children’s birthday parties are now given with the same kind of attention once reserved for once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as bridal showers or first baby showers. Maybe your child has been to one or maybe you’ve hosted them yourself, but maybe you are thinking it’s time to take control of the party madness and put the focus back on a simple celebration.

If you’re tired of competing with every other parents to host the biggest birthday party, here are some ways to create a special yet simple birthday.

1. Make a Memory Day
Rather than exhausting yourself and your pocketbook with demanding party decorations and activities, put that money toward creating a birthday memory. Trim the guest list back to just a few friends and take everyone to the zoo, water park or amusement park. Girls might enjoy getting mani-pedis and boys might enjoy a pro baseball game or paintball session. Take plenty of pictures for your child and their guests.

2. Hotel Sleepover
Having friends spend the night for a pajama party was once pretty standard stuff. It still can be. Move the venue from your basement to the local hotel and invite just a couple of friends. Use the pool, watch movies on the room TV and eat breakfast out.

3. Make Your Own Party
Some restaurants will allow the kids to “make their own” if you call ahead. Kids might make their own pizza or their own submarine sandwiches. Then go home and let them make their own ice cream sundaes.

4. Ask for a Christian Birthday Card With a Donation
Rather than have guests bring birthday gifts, ask them to choose a Christian birthday card and place the money they would have spent inside the card for a favorite charity. You could include information on the charity inside your birthday invitations. Have a great party and let kids learn the joy of giving to others at the same time.

You want to make birthdays special for your children, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd and host birthday extravaganzas. Keep the focus on your child and the joy of making and sharing memories. If you are looking for a place to find a Christian birthday card check out the selection at The Printery House. We offer a large variety of birthday cards to help those you love celebrate their special day.

These Four Scriptures Send a Meaningful Message With Your Christian Birthday Card

Birthday Cards 5
Birthday Beauty Collection

Want to send a Christian birthday card, or just share your faith with a scripture verse inside? If you’re looking to send a more meaningful birthday message, a touch of scripture may be just the thing to get the recipient thinking about not only their special day, but the truth that they are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Several choices are available today for Christian birthday cards, ranging from bright and punchy colors to watercolor images. Others are more traditional, showing Catholic or Christian faith icons. You’ll also find a larger selection than ever of creative photos with Christian-based messages, perfect for buying a stack to have on-hand all through the year.

If you’ve already got a few cards or want to choose one with a more mainstream message, it only takes a minute to share a verse that communicates the value of the receiver in your life. Here are some scripture verses that are perfect for sharing inside a birthday card:

1. Choose a scripture to remind the birthday guy/girl that aside from gifts and parties, just being in a relationship with God is a pretty wonderful way to celebrate another year. King David says in Psalms: “The one thing I ask of the Lord – the thing I seek most – is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, delighting in the Lord’s
perfections and meditating in His Temple.” (Psalm 27:4)

2. Choose a card or write a note to help the receiver remember who holds life in His very hands, such as: “All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:16b)

3. Remind a loved one or friend that today, their birthday, is a great day to start anew. “But exhort and encourage one another daily, while it is called Today” (Hebrews 3:13).

4. Send a scripture that looks ahead to a bright new future. Proverbs 16:3 reminds us “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” You could pair a card like this with an item like a decorative Christian wall plaque to send a truly meaningful gift.

Sending a Christian birthday card is easy when you shop our online store at The Printery House. For the past 60 years, our monks and artists at The Printery House have been designing, painting and lettering designs for cards printed on-site at our
print shop, an apostolic work of Conception Abbey in northwest Missouri.

The Difference a Birthday Card Can Make: An Inspiring Story of Encouragement


Birthday Cards 3
Each Birthday is a Blessing

Have you ever received a birthday card that just seemed to wipe away the clouds and brighten your entire day? Can you imagine receiving more than 700 of them? You could if you were four year old Henry Hallam.

Little Henry’s story appeared in a September issue of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. The article described how the youngster turned four on August 30 in a bed at the Bristol Hospital for Children. Henry is in the hospital because he has a serious childhood cancer known as neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children in Britain
each year, usually before they have their fifth birthday. The disease is treatable if caught early, but even if caught and treated, comes back 40 to 60 percent of the time – after which the survival rate drops to five percent.

Henry’s parents decided to make this birthday memorable for him and they asked people to send Henry a birthday card, hoping to gather enough to set a world record for birthday cards received. At the time that the Daily Mail article appeared, Henry had received 700 cards from all around the world. Mom and dad are in the process of contacting the Guinness World Record people to see if Henry will make it into the record book.

Henry and his parents say they are opening and reading every single card Henry receives and that it has encouraged them greatly to have so much love and support sent their way. Now the family is waiting to find out if the treatments he has been receiving have been able to rid his body of the cancer. Meanwhile, more cards continue to arrive in their mailbox.

The British story highlights how meaningful something as simple as a birthday card can be. It would just not be the same if little Henry was receiving 700 emailed birthday greetings. Those cards are tangible expressions of support. Henry can look at them and feel the love of people from places he’ll likely never visit. It took the family two days just to read the ones they’d received so far. The stamps from far away…the words written….they all communicated something that could never be translated to a computer monitor.

Maybe you don’t know anyone with an aggressive childhood cancer who is trying to set a world record, but you do know plenty of ordinary people who also need a tangible expression of support. The truth is that most people are walking around with a deep hurt inside them that they don’t want others to see. Your sister, your co-worker, your brother-in-law – they all look just fine, and perhaps they are. But it’s just as likely that they are carrying around a hidden wound.

Wouldn’t it be great to break through with an encouraging token of love in a simple birthday card? Birthday cards can be silly, serious, or funny. You can find Christian birthday cards and pop-up cards, even cards that play music. But if four year old Henry Hallam’s story tells us anything, it’s that something as simple as a birthday card can be transforming. Check out the Christian birthday cards available at The Printery
and change a few lives around you soon.