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Relying on the Christian Store to get Thanksgiving-Ready

For You at Thanksgiving
For You at Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, families are gearing up for a hearty, delicious meal, lots of laughs with the ones they love, and thinking long and hard about all the many things they have to be thankful for. Every family has their own set of Thanksgiving traditions and for a religious family, a Christian store can help with the ones that already exist and help with a few new traditions too.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for all the blessings we have, and the blessings that were bestowed upon us by God. This is why one of the most common Thanksgiving traditions is so important to most of us, the act of getting together with those we hold dear and eating a meal around the same table. Thanksgiving dinners are a staple for most families nationwide and getting these tables Thanksgiving ready starts at the Christian store.

The table is set with beautiful place settings, complete with matching silverware and your grandma’s best China. But there may also be candles, burning bright and filling the room with a delectable scent like cinnamon or vanilla. There may be figurines or statues adorning the table as well. Christians are thankful that God gifted them things like their spouses, children, parents, homes and secure careers. Showing that thanks by filling the table with religious figurines and icons is a key component to the holiday for many families.

Celebrating Thanksgiving on a personal level is important too. Consider penning your thoughts on thankfulness on a nice stationery set. Allowing yourself to sit down and write down what you’re thankful for can be as therapeutic as it is deeply beneficial. Thankfulness starts from within and in order for it to be shared to the fullest, it must first be expressed internally.

Though taking time to be introspective about Thanksgiving and what it means to you personally is important, the holiday is ultimately meant to be shared with those that mean the most to you. Some people choose to purchase greeting cards and fill them with thanks, handing them out to those in their lives that they are grateful to have in their corners. These little notes of appreciation are all over the Christian store around Thanksgiving season and can even be purchased with pre-written, grateful messages inside.

Are you planning a big Thanksgiving day affair, complete with close family and close friends? Consider purchasing a set of invitations from a Christian store for your Thanksgiving feast. Opening up your home to those that mean the most to you is a perfect and simple way to show gratitude and love.

At the Printery House, we manufacture a variety of things that you might need for a joyful day of thanks, from greeting cards to candles to religious décor. Look no further than us for all your Thanksgiving needs and remember that a thankful heart is a happy heart. Share your Thanksgiving with the ones you love and let us help you fill it with beautiful, heartfelt keepsakes that you and your loved ones will always remember.

Christian Gift Stores Help You With the Tools to Teach Your Child a Habit of Personal Devotions

Not by Bread Alone (2012)
Not by Bread Alone (2012)

Most of human behavior is learned through mimicry. Language is acquired as babies imitate the sounds they hear around them. Children learn to say “please” and “thank you” as they observe parents using them. If you want your children to get to know God through personal study and meditation – you can show them how it’s done and they will learn from watching you.

Here are some ways to help you, the parent, teach and train your child(ren) in this lifelong discipline. Christian gift stores can help you provide the tools that you could use to help in the process.

1. Example, Example, Example
The power of personal example is hard to overstate. Your children can learn best by seeing you reading your Bible and spending time alone in prayer. For many Christians down through the centuries, the best time for an unbreakable appointment with God has been in the early morning. That is not a command from God, however. If it is easier for you to be faithful at night, then go with what works best. The important thing is to carve out time for your devotions on a regular basis.

2. Show Them How, Then Turn Them Free
At first, it may help a child to join you for your devotional time. This will probably mean cutting your own time down to suit their shorter attention span. Look in Christian gift stores for a child’s devotional bible that they can quietly read to themselves in the room with you. Many of these bibles have questions for thought included.

3. Family Bible Reading
Family devotions can also serve as a springboard into personal devotions. This means more than simply reading a bible passage. It means talking about it and putting yourself (or them) in the position of the hearer or the speaker. It also involves asking one another what the passage teaches us about God or what it says about how we should live. This kind of thoughtful reading habit will serve your child well in personal times of bible reading.

4. Prayer as Devotion
Teaching your child to pray for themselves is an ongoing process. Early on, you can pray for your child at the table, at bedtime and through the day. However, it’s a good idea to let them speak prayers as an act of devotion as soon as possible. Check out the tools to help with this at Christian gift stores. Bedtime prayer dice or table prayer dice can be fun ways for young children to read prayers. Later on, invite children to learn to speak to God about what they read in the bible. Your model of simple prayers based on what you’ve read in the Bible will help him see how to start conversation with the invisible God.

As your child grows, bible study materials and devotional materials from Christian gift stores can also be added in. You make time to teach your children how to tie their shoes, make their bed and cut their food. You teach them how to say “please” and “thank you”. Teaching them to spend time alone with God is so important. Visit The Printery House to find more tools to help you. We offer a wide range of personal devotion tools to help your child develop a special quiet time habit.

Let the Christian Gift Store Help You Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month

With Appreciation
With Appreciation

October means many fun, fall activities. Hay mazes, apple picking, pumpkin carving, harvest parties….and Pastor Appreciation Month! How will you make use of the opportunity to express appreciation for the spiritual leaders God has placed in your life? October is Pastor Appreciation Month, but without a plan, the chance to encourage your pastor may pass you by.

It’s true that you could honor your pastor any day of the year. However, good intentions too often fall to the bottom of your weekly To Do list. Instead of letting another October slip by without acknowledging the blessing of your spiritual shepherd, make the effort this year to celebrate the occasion. Let the Christian gift store help you.

Here are a few possible ways to celebrate:

Your pastor or priest spends time reading the Scriptures along with other spiritual references so why not give him a special bookmark? You could plan to have children in the nursery or toddler program color the bookmarks – then date and laminate them. On the other hand, you could buy a set of bookmarks from the Christian gift store. Either way, he will have plenty of opportunity to remember how he was honored.

2. Books
Bookmarks are great companions to book. Why not have a Sunday school class collect money to buy the pastor a desired commentary or devotional book. If more people or classes want to be involved, purchase an entire set of commentaries. A new bible would also make a great gift.

3. Picture
This idea is easy and unique. Have someone with photography skills take an attractive photo of the church building. It can be color or black and white. Mat and frame the photo. Have those giving the gift date and sign the back before presenting.

4. Time for an Upgrade
One way to let your pastor or priest know how much you appreciate their ministry is to upgrade their work space. Maybe they would like a new desk chair. Perhaps a new coat of paint on the walls. A new machine that makes coffee or hot tea by the cup might be nice. Maybe a new, larger computer screen. Pastor Appreciation Month could mean time for an office upgrade.

5. Everyone Involved
Your shepherd will feel surprised and blessed if you spend a week showering him with thanks. For one week assign various groups within the church each day to be responsible for treating the leader. For example, the nursery committee might bring him a homemade pie on Monday, the deacons might deliver a balloon bouquet on Tuesday. On Wednesday the Sunday school teachers might present him with a gift card to the Christian gift store. You get the idea. And so will he!!

Plan now for ways to let the leader in your congregation know how grateful you are. Check out other great gift ideas at The Printery House. We offer a large selection of cards and gifts to encourage your pastor.

Let the Christian Gift Store Help You Improve Family Devotion Time

Table Grace and Bedtime Prayers Die Set
Table Grace and Bedtime Prayers Die Set

Carving out time for family devotions requires commitment, but it is well worth the effort. Even families who do well at making time to focus on the Lord can fall into a rut where worship times become a bit monotonous. To keep those family devotion times fresh try mixing things up a bit. Here are a few suggestions on how to hold the kids’ attention and make daily reverence for God interesting and real.

1. Scripture Memory
If the kids are not involved in a bible memorization program through church, be sure to help build a foundation through bible memory work at home. The whole family can work on the same verse at a rate of one per week. Let the kids take turns leading ways to memorize – singing, acting out, erasing one word, popping balloons with the words to the verse – whatever works! The Christian gift store may have other bible memorization games you could use.

2. Children’s Bible Story Book
With younger children, it is fine to read bible stories. In this way, kids can hear the highlights of the entire bible and be prepared for deeper understanding as reading and listening skills improve. Think about having the kids act out some of the stories – gathering manna, Joshua and Jericho, Daniel in the lion’s den and Paul lowered in a basket.

3. Pray Around the Globe
Perhaps one night each week could be devoted to praying for somewhere else in the world. Choose a country and talk about what are the physical needs to be met? Look up online videos that describe the country, its culture and needs. Pray for workers to be sent and for the success of the gospel in that place. Having a globe or world map is a great learning tool.

4. Use Prayer Die
Childhood is a wonderful time to help children learn to pray. A prayer die is a fun way for kids to take on the privilege of prayer for themselves. On each side of a die there are written bedtime prayers or table prayers for kids to use. Look for them at your nearest Christian gift store.

5. Serve the Community
Your family can meet needs in the community once per week or once per month, but the key is to get out together and do some good in the name of Christ. You could visit a retirement home, make hospital visits (depending upon the ages of your children) or volunteer at a homeless shelter.

6. Schedule a Time for Q&A
Be sure you are not the only one talking during family devotions. Let your children have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. If the time ever falls flat, have a bowl with Christian words written on slips of paper. Have one child select a piece of paper and then define the word in simple words easy enough for children to grasp.

There are so many ways to keep family worship vibrant. At The Printery House we want to come alongside believing families and offer supplies to help. We are an online Christian gift store committed to making God’s name great through serving the needs of His followers. We invite you to visit us and ignite a love for Christ in the hearts of your kids through regular times of family worship.