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Saying Thank You to Someone Who Has Been an Encouragement to You: Send a Christian Greeting Card

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So Grateful For You: Thank You Card

It’s easy to take for granted all the little (and big) things that others do to make your life journey more pleasant. What is not so easy is to take some time to recognize how other people are removing stumbling stones from your path and cheering you on from day to day. Being grateful takes intentionality and effort. Yet the rewards of thankfulness are many. And what could be a better time to decide to write out some words of thanks than November, the month of Thanksgiving?

So, this month why not plan to write a few Christian greeting cards to express your gratitude? I say write them because pen and ink communicate gratitude a bit more emphatically than emails and text messages. It takes a bit more time to choose a card and then choose your words and then put them in a mailbox – but that is exactly why they are more valuable to others!

The simplest cards to write are thank you cards for a gift received. Thanks for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts etc. require only an acknowledgement of the gift and then a line or two about how you intend to use or enjoy the gift. Simple right?

But encouragement is a gift as well. Give thanks for how people are impacting your life and don’t take their help for granted. If you give it five or ten minutes of focused thought, you will be able to come up with a list of people who have given you the gift of

It could be the coach of your child’s sports team who always finds something positive to say to your little one. It might be a teacher in your life (this could be at school, at church, in business or in a club). Maybe you’ve been blessed to have a mentor in your life; an older person who has given you wise counsel and advice when situations in your life seemed uncertain. Or maybe someone just had a gentle word when you really needed one.

It would be nice to mention a specific occasion when the person encouraged you, but it isn’t necessary. A general word of thanks for their help is okay. Whenever possible, tell the person how their support or action impacted you in terms of where you are today. If you feel stuck, there are places online where you can even find helpful wording for your card.

Most importantly, it’s never too late to say those words. Thank You. Hebrews 10:25 tells Christians to be ….encouraging one another and all the more as you see the Day approaching. That highlights how important it is to be encouraging others around us. Sending a Christian greeting card to someone who has helped you in a tough situation or lifted your spirits is an easy way to obey that command. Look for a great selection of cards and notes at The Printery House and make this November a month of giving thanks to others.

Christian Paintings For Less Than a Latte

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The Mystical Supper

How can you fill your home or office with Christian paintings for less than a latte? Try using the beautiful and faith-filled artwork you find on Christian greeting cards as a source of inspiration.

Pinterest and other social media platforms are great sources for ideas for how you can incorporate Christian cards into your home on the walls. This is especially true when the cards feature hand-designed artwork, and in many cases, you can find designs that model great Christian paintings and religious icons. In fact, for years, monks have designed Christian and Catholic artwork or icons that help use their talents to support the work of the monastery.

Need ideas for how to incorporate Christian paintings you find on greeting cards?

1. Place a group of them in a collage frame to take up the wall space as a full-sized painting would do.

2. Place Christian greetings cards that depict religious scenes like the birth of Jesus, the resurrection or other pivotal moments behind glass frames and set candles around them for your own custom display.

3. For a child’s room, choose Christian paintings on cards and laminate them for a fun mobile project that the child can help create. Put a verse of scripture on the back of each one.

4. Use a series of images found on Christian greeting cards for telling a story in wallpaper border-style. Adhere them along the top of a room in a repeated pattern for a true conversation piece that talks about your faith.

The Printery House still makes greeting cards in-house with artistic lettering and design work by monks who live at Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri. The cards have been designed and printed on the grounds of The Printery House for 60 years, so there’s something truly special about these pieces of Christian artwork. They truly are works of art that you can treasure for years to come.

To start your own home collection, try the Keepsake Prayer Cards, featuring intricate and beautiful designs. You may also want to experiment with the artistic styles on the Mass Cards, which range from contemporary to traditional images. The Icon Greeting Cards collection features bright and highly-detailed designs, including the Trinity, angels and the Last Supper. Selecting these unique, locally-made designs is a meaningful way to incorporate the concept of Christian paintings into your home without a large investment.