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  • Celebrating a Young Girl’s First Communion

    There are special moments in the life of a young girl which become milestones in her life. A young girl’s First Communion is definitely one of those events. The day when a young lady is accepted into the full life of the church as a participating member is memorable. As the parent or close friend […]

  • First Communion for Your Child

    First Communion is an important milestone in your child’s spiritual journey. You want this event to be meaningful to your child and not just a ritual to be gone through. The trick is how to make a spiritual practice – like taking communion – as understandable as possible to a young mind. You won’t be […]

  • How a First Communion Catholic Tradition Can Spark Your Own Faith, Again

    Celebrating a child’s first communion is a unique milestone. There are so many details to consider – the clothing, the rehearsals, the invitations to family and friends. Through it all, how can you help keep your child’s focus on the meaning of the event? First, make sure that you talk about each of the steps […]

  • Simple Ways to Share First Communion Catholic Preparations With Your Child

    How can you help your child realize what the First Communion Catholic process means? Present it in a way that makes sense to a child’s point of view. Be open to questions, and repeated questions. Share your joy about the process and what it means to you. Keep talking throughout the months of preparation. Here […]