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  • Religious Gift Ideas to Help You Plan New Valentine’s Day Traditions With Your Family

    Here you are in 2014. It came before you knew it. Now it is almost February and that means Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So it’s not too soon to give some thought as to how you will celebrate the Day. Valentine celebrations don’t have to be only about romantic love between a man […]

  • Girls’ First Communion: Best Gifts and Messages

    A girl’s first communion is an important day and deserves to be treated as such. First communion is a day which marks a person’s full entry into the life of the church body. Although adults who enter the faith also celebrate first communion, most girls’ first communion will occur between the ages of seven and […]

  • Catholic Religious Jewelry: Beautiful and Encouraging

    Jewelry is an easy way to add a special touch to an outfit, but it is also a way to express a little bit of who you are. Whether you choose chunky jewelry or delicate and understated pieces, jewelry reflects something about the wearer. Catholic religious jewelry can also be a reminder to yourself and […]