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Religious Jewelry: You Can Express Your Faith and Show Your Style

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Monogram of Christ Cross

You might think that religious jewelry looks all the same or that design choices are not good. But if you do, you’d be wrong. Your faith is a serious matter, but how you express that faith doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. It is possible to express your faith and at the same time show that you possess a personal sense of style. Faith and fashion can go together and finding ways for them to do so gives you a chance to show the world part of what makes you uniquely YOU.

Take the cross pendant as an example. Most girls grew up wearing a single cross pendant on a single gold or silver chain – and that is still an attractive style. But it is far from the only way to wear the ubiquitous symbol of Christianity. Here are a few ways to mix things up a little.

1. The possibilities are charming
Bracelets are enjoying a current wave of popularity right now. Big and chunky is in. That means that you can hang your cross from any of your existing bracelets to give them a whole new look. Or, you could add your pendant to a charm bracelet. If you don’t already own a charm bracelet, now might be a good time to pick one up – especially since you won’t need to pay for a charm since ou have one hanging on your cross necklace!

2. No one can wear just one
The days of wearing just one chain around your neck are long gone. Today, women are wearing multiple chains of varying length all at once, with all kinds of pendants. In fact, half the fun is changing the pendants according to your mood or fashion of the day. Religious jewelry isn’t stuffy – it’s as unique as your own sense of style.

3. Drop it a line
Give your cross pendant a new place to live. Silver and gold chains are great –especially as mentioned above, in layers – but they aren’t the only place to dangle your cross. Colored leather cords are also fun. Wearing it short and tight as a choker is a little funky and ensures that no one will miss seeing it. Wearing it longer and swaying says you are relaxed but definitely grounded. How you wear your cross can be different every day.

4. The more the merrier
It isn’t only fun to wear several chains – it’s also fun to wear several cross pendants at once, on a single chain or several. Wearing multiple crosses is interesting. People will want to take a closer look. If you like, you could hang a couple of crosses along with a saint’s medal or a religious pin. Mixing heart pendants and crosses is another terrific way to express your faith through religious jewelry.

Don’t assume that you can only enjoy wearing your cross on Sunday mornings in a demure sort of way. Your faith is who you are. Find ways to let that shine through. The
Printery House
invites you to take a look at the wide selection of crosses and other religious jewelry they have to offer. Choose one style or several and say something personal about your faith today.

Find Faith-Filled Gifts for all the Kids on Your Christmas List Shopping Catholic Online Stores


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Willow Tree Angel Musical Figure

Looking for Christmas gifts for kids with meaning? Want something that will be different from a basic shirt, toy or video game?

This year, spend 30 minutes shopping at Catholic online stores. You’ll find many excellent resources to review, click and buy without meandering aimlessly through a major department store and ending up with something that may not add any value or meaning to a child’s life.

Great news – with stores like The Printery House, you can shop for inspiriting gifts around the clock, cozy at home. Gifts for kids and teens today on Catholic online stores will likely go way beyond your expectations; many have updated selections and can reach all age groups.

Here are some examples of religious Christmas gifts kids will love:

1. God’s Smallest Wonders Mug: The little red bird with a backdrop of falling snow, printed with “God’s smallest wonders… often bring the greatest joys” will make a child smile as they enjoy a cup of milk or hot chocolate. Kids love to have their own special mug! Buy an extra one to send to mom and dad.

2. Willow Tree Musical Angel: This popular Willow Tree figurine turns as it plays “Amazing Grace,” sure to bring a little girl on your shopping list joy day after day. It’s decorated with tree branches representing life and growth.

3. What Child is This? Seek and Find Advent: This bright new addition features daily devotions for children and seek-and-find photos that tell Bible stories about waiting and watching for the coming Messiah. A child will enjoy this adventure every day of Advent! Order now for a surprise holiday gift.

4. Jesus Calling Bible Storybook: “Nothing in heaven or on earth can stop Me from loving you” is the core message of this Bible storybook for kids. Stories from the Bible are placed with devotions from top Christian author Sarah Young.

Check out these Christian gift ideas for teens this Christmas:

1. Framed art prints: Teens want to make their space their own, so send a teen on your list a bright framed print. It will inspire and remind others who visit about the Truth and hope in God. Try one from The Printery House, such as “Let your light shine before others.”

2. The Word For All Seasons Desk Calendar: This new and vivid wall calendar or desk calendar is the perfect faith-filled way to help a teen keep track of plans and assignments, their way.

Monogram of Christ Pendant: With bold mosaic colors and contemporary lettering, this cross pendant is a hip way for a teen on your list to share their faith. Pendant says “I have called you by your name, you are mine.” (Isaiah 43:1)

This year, won’t you enjoy Christmas even more by shopping at Catholic online stores like The Printery House? Start today, and in half an hour, have several of your names checked off your list. Every card is made on-site by monks and artists, as it has been for 60 years. Read more and be inspired at: www.printeryhouse.org