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Using Decorative Crosses to Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Rustic Cast Iron Crosses
Rustic Cast Iron Crosses

When it comes to decorating a Christian home, decorative crosses signify the story of Christian faith and are a good reminder of what your life is to be centered around. Beyond that, they can add a traditional, eclectic touch to any room in your home when displayed on a prominent wall or in a doorway.

Historically, decorative crosses are hung on doors to act as an indicator of a family’s faith or belief systems, but recently, they have become decorative tools in a whole new way, as some modern designers are arranging multiple crosses of different shapes and sizes in a cluster as a sort of focal point on large living and dining room walls. If you’re looking to use decorative crosses in your own home, either in a sentimental display or in a modern cross collage, here are some ways to use them:

Pick a Prominent Spot in Your Home and Hang Your Favorite Cross There

Sometimes, the simplest displays are the most beautiful. If you have a beautiful antique cross or a family one that was passed down to you, you probably don’t want to clutter it or steal its attention by hanging it up with a grouping of crosses that don’t have the same sentimental value. To let a special decorative cross you love take center stage, pick a wall in your home where it can easily be seen and hang it up right in the middle. Depending on its size, you can also put the cross inside of a pretty, ornate frame to give it even more of a spotlight.

Gather Your Crosses and Display Them Together on the Wall

If you want a statement wall filled with crosses that look thrown together and eclectic, you first need to gather all the crosses you want to tack up onto the wall. Look at antique stores and local craft stores. Flip through home décor magazines and browse online. The more different the crosses are from each other the more unique your end result will look. Once the crosses are collected, begin to think about how you want to arrange them on the wall. Do you want them to be lined up in rows or strewn haphazardly along the wall? Once you decide, nail them to the wall in a group and you have instant focal wall.

Display Your Crosses With Special Family Heirlooms

Another option for showing off your decorative crosses is to accompany them with things that mean a lot to you personally. Hang a cross up on the wall next to your marriage certificate or your baby’s birth announcement. Write your favorite Bible verse on a piece of paper and tuck it into one side of a decorative cross after you hang it up. Frame a special photograph and put it near your favorite cross. Doing this shows that your faith is linked to special events and people in your life, which is paramount in Christian culture.

Decorative crosses provide an easy, meaningful way to fill the walls of your home. At The Printery House, we specialize is providing you with decorative elements that are just as special to us as they will become to you. We produce beautiful, intricate crosses that can be displayed in your home as a constant reminder of the Christian faith and what it means to you.

Christian Décor to Fill Every Room With Thoughts of God

Irish Family Wall Cross
Irish Family Wall Cross

At one time the phrase Christian décor meant either a crucifix on the wall or a picture of the Lord’s Supper and not much else. These are still popular home accessories, but they are far from the complete definition of Christian décor today. Expressing your faith in the way you decorate your home has never had more options.

The Cross
The cross is the most obvious and universally recognized symbol of Christianity. If you have a cross visible in your home it says right away that you are a follower of Jesus. But unless you want to hang your cross like a bumper sticker in a place where only others can see it, where you place a cross can have great significance.

For example:

  • If you place a cross in the kitchen near the table you will be reminded that Jesus is the unseen guest at every meal and the silent attendant in every conversation.
  • If you hang the cross in the bedroom where it can be viewed while tucked under the covers it can be a reminder to pray morning and evening or a symbol of His comforting presence when troubling thoughts disturb peaceful sleep.
  • Placed in the home’s entryway it symbolizes that Christ is your first and most important identity

The Word
Bible verses are another way to fill your rooms with thoughts of God. It can be almost as much fun choosing scriptures as it is to put them in place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • On or over the front door – Joshua 24:15 …as for me and my household we will serve the Lord
  • On or over the bedroom door – Psalm 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety
  • In the bathroom – I Peter 3:4 Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart
  • At the back door – Psalm 121:8 …the Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.

Never before have Christians had so much faith-based artwork from which to choose. Today you can buy truly beautiful artwork often with the words of scripture embossed at the bottom. Ancient artwork depicting saints can be mixed with rustic crosses to create a meaningful expression of the faith handed down through the ages.

Christian books and faith-centered figurines can also be key elements in Christian décor. Stack several hardbound Christian classics to create a pedestal for your favorite Jim Shore or Willow Tree angel. Or place a small garden stone engraved with words of faith on the mantle. You might like to display a collection of rosaries or cross necklaces on the wall in a guest bedroom. There are so many ways to incorporate your faith into the way you beautify your home.

The Printery House is a ministry of Conception Abbey. Every dollar you spend there on items to decorate your home (or your inner life) goes toward supporting the training of future priests and ministers of the gospel. So fill your home with Christian décor and the world with the knowledge of His amazing grace!

Wooden Cross: Humble But so Powerful … Take a Second Look

Olivewood Comfort Cross
Olivewood Comfort Cross

What’s so special about a wooden cross?

Everything. Especially when it carries symbolic meaning and comes from a holy place of origin.

There’s a thousand ways to share your faith or be encouraged, but the basic wooden cross holds its value year after year, generation after generation. Across denominations and status, the cross will always be common ground; it remains the great equalizer of our faith in the redemption offered to all by Jesus Christ.

If you have a wooden cross in your home, or one you hold in your hand, you’re likely reminded by its powerful message to pray often – but there are several ways to enjoy and share this ancient item:

1. Give a wooden cross as a birthday, graduation or encouragement gift. Keep a selection on hand in your gift drawer, because a cross makes a unique and meaningful gift for so many situations of life.
2. Use one as decorative art in your living area or even your kitchen to show all who enter that Jesus lives in your home.
3. Utilize a cross in your garden or landscaping. This creates a beautiful space to meditate and pray.
4. Have a small cross to carry in your pocket or to have in your hand for your prayer or devotions.
5. Wear a miniature version as jewelry.

One of the most popular wooden crosses is the Comfort Cross offered by The Printery House. This special item is made of olive wood from the Holy Land, crafted from pruned branches of olive trees from the hill country around Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It even comes gift-ready with special packaging.

You may also want to consider painting, building or decorating a wooden cross all your own. It’s not difficult to find small limbs or wood from a favorite tree, then fashion your own cross design. The main point is to remember the love, sacrifice, forgiveness, mercy and hope the cross will always represent.

Find great wooden cross designs and religious greeting cards online at The Printery House, where the monks and artists have been making cards on-site in their own print shop for more than 60 years.

Why is This Wooden Cross From the Holy Land so Popular?

Cross 4
Olivewood Comfort Cross

As we begin this new year, many of us may be making resolutions, lists and goals. Others may be avoiding these altogether and looking for one simple focus – the cross.

Remembering the cross in 2014 – with all its power, love and meaning – can be an amazing goal to focus on, on your own and with your family. In every milestone this year and every simple moment, the reality of the cross and the truth that God stepped down into our lives in such a human way can be a constant source of inspiration.

Although there are dozens of ornate choices for purchasing a cross, from wall art to jewelry, one of the most popular wooden crosses is the Comfort Cross. It’s been a top choice from The Printery House, a card and gift ministry of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, for a long time – with some special reasons why.

Why is the Comfort Cross so popular among wooden crosses?

1. It’s made from wood from trees found in the Holy Land. For prayer or devotion, the truth that it’s made from olive trees from the hill country near Bethlehem and Jerusalem is definitely inspiring and unique.

2. The size is perfect for holding, and has a calming presence. The Comfort Cross fits easily in the palm of your hand, so it’s perfect for prayer walks, quiet devotionals, or times of anxiety and fear. It’s also great for keeping at your desk, your purse or your vehicle as a conversation starter.

3. It’s simple, beautiful and meaningful to anyone who receives one as a gift. This cross stands out from other wooden crosses because of its simplicity. Whether the recipient is Catholic or another branch of Christianity, its design appeals to everyone. It’s suited to all tastes because of its unique beauty and straightforward design. It also comes with a gift box and devotional card.

4. It’s part of the larger mission of the monks and artists of Conception Abbey to share what really matters – the love of Christ. This cross is special for so many reasons, but also because it helps promote the mission and ministry of Conception Abbey and to equip new leaders of the faith.

As noted in “My Utmost For His Highest,” there’s nothing that connects us to God like the hope of the cross, and especially when we communicate this through prayer. Why not make just one simple resolution this year: to remember the cross daily and to pray daily. The Comfort Cross from The Printery House can be the gentle reminder you need to make this resolution a reality – and to look forward to a year of hope like no other.

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