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Easter Gifts That Help You Celebrate the Real Meaning of Easter with Your Children

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Christ is With You

No sooner has Valentine’s Day come and gone than stores start to fill their shelves with Easter goodies. The pastel baskets, plastic eggs and marshmallow chicks are popping out all over.

Although most parents find great delight in purchasing gifts for their children, this is a holiday which offers tremendous opportunity for teaching the real meaning of Christian faith. Easter gifts can help you communicate those important truths. It’s all about having a plan, including a plan for which Easter gifts you choose.

It can be confusing to small children who just celebrated Jesus’ birth at Christmas, to understand the celebration of His death at Easter – just a few months later. Older children will grasp the concept, but don’t fret if little ones don’t get it. In time, they will understand. Right now, be content to sow truth into their hearts.

Easter eggs are a common part of most celebrations and there is no reason not to make them part of Easter with your kids. However, while you are coloring, decorating or filling your eggs steer the conversation toward what happens with eggs in nature. Life is hidden within the egg and at the proper time life springs forth from inside. These are themes that fit perfectly with our Easter holiday.

Using a Lenten devotional book during the season is another way to help prepare young minds for the joy of Resurrection Sunday. These devotionals sometimes include activities that reinforce the main truth of the daily passage.

Writing and sending out Easter cards is another way to keep the true meaning of Easter central in everyone’s mind. Young children may affix stamps to the envelopes and older kids may sign their names or write a brief note. This is a great opportunity to talk about how faith in Jesus’ resurrection is what ties believers together.

Of course, it’s loads of fun to put together an Easter basket. To make your baskets really count, include Easter gifts that express a spiritual truth. A cross necklace, a children’s book about the crucifixion and resurrection, or a personal bible all make terrific Easter gifts. Someone has suggested giving a book or video about the marvelous transformation of caterpillars into butterflies as a way to depict the changed life brought about through resurrection.

Easter is the center of the Christian faith. It is a celebration that includes the tremendous sorrow of Good Friday and the incredible joy of Easter morning. Without the sadness of sin and death, the message of rebirth loses its wonder. Present your children with the facts of Easter. We are sinful, but Jesus took the punishment our sins deserve. God is willing to forgive our sins and He proved it by raising Jesus back to life! Hallelujah!

When you’re ready to shop for your Easter supplies, consider shopping at The Printery House. The Printery House offers Easter cards and gifts that can help you celebrate the real meaning of Easter with your children.

Religious Gift Ideas: Occasions to Celebrate the Walk of Faith

GiftsHidden away from the hustle and bustle of city life and snugged into the rolling hills of northern Missouri, Conception Abbey is home to a community of Benedictine monks devoted to lives of prayer and Christian service. The monks serve in the role of parish priest when needed, but their chief concern, apart from prayer, is the training of new priests at Conception Seminary College. The Printery House is the current incarnation of a printing enterprise begun by the monks of Conception Abbey nearly 75 years ago.

The Printery House initially served to provide seminarians learning materials, but has grown to sell unique products to help to underwrite the Seminary itself. The in-house printing press is just one part of The Printery House. Through The Printery House, the monks also offer a broad selection of religious gift ideas to mark special times in the life of faith.

In addition to universally acknowledged occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and major cultural holidays, there are other times when giving a gift is a thoughtful gesture. Some people still bring hostess gifts when attending a party. Others may send a thank you gift after enjoying hospitality or receiving a personal act of service.
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Easter Ideas for Kids: More Meaning, Less Hype


Easter is a holiday that can be extra meaningful when shared with a child. Anyone walking the aisles of the local grocery has already begun to see shelves loaded down with neon plastic and chocolate in preparation for the Easter season. Yet Christian parents may feel that wrapped chocolates and plastic grass, while pretty, might somehow fail to help children grasp the reality of the Easter story. Traditions need not be given up, but they can be reclaimed and given more meaning.

Here are several Easter ideas for kids that can make your celebration of Easter a time of teaching without losing any of the delight.
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