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Easter Basket

Need some faith-filled ideas for Easter basket goodies? Here’s some items that encourage children or grandchildren to pray, such as a plush Louie the Lamb Prayer Buddy. With a push of his paw, Louie the Lamb recites well-loved prayers “Our Father”, “Hail Mary,” and “Glory Be.” Louie the Lamb (G2441) is a perfect bedtime prayer buddy. Another unique item that encourages prayer is “Prayer Dice,” each face of both die is printed with a different prayer. (G1158- Table Grace Prayers; G1189; Bedtime Prayers). Another meaningful item for Easter baskets are “Christ Story Stones,” which include five stones, bag and a story card that explains the Christian symbols embossed on both sides of these stones (G2124). All these can be ordered on-line at www.printeryhouse.org or through the Printery House catalog. (800-322-2737) Add an Easter card and your Easter basket is complete. Share the joy of Easter!

Easter Gifts That Can Help You Celebrate Holy Week with Your Family

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An Easter Prayer

Easter is almost here….how are you preparing to celebrate? Although the birth of our Lord gets the bulk of attention, that wondrous event would not be so precious without the culmination of Resurrection Sunday. After all, what could God’s advent to earth mean to us today if He had not intentionally set His face for Jerusalem, a cross of shame and victory over sin and death?

But our Lord did become the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world! He did pay the debt He did not owe so that every believing mortal could be clothed with glory and immortality! And we know this is so because an empty grave proves it. Glory to God in the highest.

But how do we take these glorious truths and bring them down to family worship? How can we move beyond chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies in a way that is meaningful to children? Here are just a few thoughts on Easter gifts that can help us celebrate this special day.

1. Participate in Special Services at Church
Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday. If your church incorporates the use of palm branches in the Sunday morning worship, be sure that your children are part of the remembrance. If not, you can still have fun cutting down limbs as a family and reading the account at home. Let the children wave the branches and cry HOSANNA with ancient Israelites.

Many churches offer a special foot-washing service known as Maundy Thursday. This service remembers how our Lord humbly washed the feet of His disciples the night of the Last Supper.

If your church conducts a Good Friday service this, too, can be a meaningful time of family worship. If your church does not celebrate in this way, think about conducting a pared down version of a Passover meal with your children at home, talking about how Jesus shared the tradition with His 12 disciples.

Easter Sunday should be a joyous day of church. Have fun greeting each family member with the words The Lord is Risen! to which they reply He is Risen Indeed!

2. A Different Kind of Easter Basket
Of course it is great fun to put together the Easter basket filled with special candies, but put out another kind of basket this year as well. In the basket place age-appropriate books about Easter, Easter-themed music CDs, and Easter DVDs. Have the basket out all week long so that everyone has a chance to enjoy the contents.

3. Easter Gifts With Spiritual Meaning
In your child’s traditional Easter basket, consider including Easter gifts that represent the faith of Easter. A young girl might receive her first cross necklace. A boy might receive his first Bible or pocket prayer medal.

4. Make a Lamb Cake to Serve on Easter Sunday
This can be a traditional cake decorated with a picture of a Lamb or a cut-out cake in the shape of a Lamb. The idea is to carry the conversation and celebration all through the day on Easter.

Whether you are looking for Easter greeting cards or Easter gifts The Printery House has what you need to make this holiday a Holy Week of celebration for the whole family.

Inspirational Gifts for an Easter Basket That Share the Message of Easter

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Each Moment Is a New Beginning

While it’s true that children never tire of chocolate and sweet confections why not make this year’s Easter basket a bit more meaningful? There are any number of inspirational gifts parents can tuck inside the brightly colored Easter grass to reinforce the true message of the holiday. And children aren’t the only ones you can bless with an Easter basket, adults also will be blessed by a basket full of special Easter gifts. Here is a list of gifts that you can give to share the message of Easter to get you started.

Little girls will enjoy finding a new cross necklace or bracelet in theirbasket. It might be fun to put her jewelry in a plastic Easter egg – sort of a prize in a prize. Boys might enjoy pocket prayer medallions. Dad, too, might like receiving a more masculine stainless cross necklace. The cross and the empty tomb are at the center of our Easter
and our faith. We wear these symbols in honor of our Lord.

Lent/Easter books
Religious books make terrific inspirational gifts. Choose from children’s bibles, activity books for Lent or Easter (use the Lent books next season) or children’s bible story books depending upon the ages of your children. These books will help your child remember that Easter morning is about more than chocolate bunnies. And they will be the vehicle for many blessed hours together sharing God’s true words.

Religious artwork
So much of Easter focuses on children and the joyful hunt for eggs on Sunday morning. But the truth is that Easter is a celebration we share with one another as believers. Isn’t there someone special in your life with which you’ve shared spiritual things? An older Christian who has guided you with godly counsel or a younger believer whom you’ve had the privilege to encourage in the faith? Make this Easter special for them with the gift of religious artwork. Reproductions of icons, stained glass depictions of the Last Supper or a Resurrection Triptych all make terrific inspirational gifts this Easter season.

For those special ones who live far away, consider tucking a religious bookmark inside an Easter card. Look for bookmarks with uplifting messages like No problem is too big for God or Each moment is a new beginning. There also lovely bookmarks bearing the words of scripture itself. Your loved one will be delighted to be remembered and will feel that way every time they open the pages of a book!

At The Printery House you’ll find religious books and jewelry, faith-encouraging artwork and a wide array of bookmarks and Easter greeting cards. We want to help you find the inspirational gifts that will help you share the real meaning of Easter this year.

Inspirational Cards and Gifts for Easter: Send a Message of Hope

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Easter: God Gives the Gift of Life

Easter is an important Christian holiday. It is the high point on the church calendar and it is a celebration of hope! It reminds us what had to be done to bring those who were far away (us), near to God.

As wonderful as Easter is, it isn’t always possible to share it in person with all the ones we love. There are any number of reasons why family members and loved ones might be separated during this most joyful holiday, nevertheless, it is possible to make the person far away feel included and near to your heart.

Shower them with cards
One way to create that shared feeling is through the sending of inspirational cards. Inspirational cards with a clear Easter message are inherently full of hope and receiving cards makes the person remembered and thereby included in your family’s Easter celebration. Send a card to grandparents living in another state, to aunts or uncles serving in the military or to loved ones spending the season in a hospital bed. In fact, you don’t have to send just one – why not send them a card every day for an entire week?

Instead of an Easter basket, make an Easter box
Another way to include people at a distance is to make up an Easter box. You (and your children) can decorate a shoebox or other box with colored paper and fill it with brightly colored Easter grass. In your box you can place a tiny cross, a book about a favorite saint or some new devotional reading. You could also make some handmade crafts to include. Construction paper eggs decorated with rickrack and ribbons or a cheery spring bookmark make wonderful additions.

A taste of Easter is like a taste of home
If your family enjoys special cakes or cookies at Easter time – this is a great time to send some to loved ones far away. If you like, you can send the recipe with a note explaining that these goodies are part of your yearly Easter observance. Even though they are not able to be in your home, you are sending part of your Easter celebration to them.

Phone calls – just do it
Phone calls are another way to help erase the miles at Easter. With today’s technology your phone call might be a Skype video call – but the idea is the same. Take the time to enjoy a leisurely visit, just as if they were physically in your home.

Easter is a significant holiday and one you’ll want to share with the significant people in your life. Inspirational cards and gifts are one way to share the joy, but there are lots of ways to make your loved ones feel that they are somehow part of your celebration this year. Pick up inspirational cards and religious gifts at The Printery House and start planning ways to help those far away feel near at Easter.