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Fun Family Easter Traditions

Easter Cards 3
Christ is Risen!

Easter will be here before you know it. If you want your Easter to be a special time with your family, take a few minutes today to plan how you can begin one or two Easter Traditions. It will reinforce the true meaning of Easter and it will be FUN for grown-ups as well as children. There are any number of fabulous ideas – here are just a few we found to share.

1. Empty Eggs Illustrate the Empty Tomb
Most of us spend a lot of time trying to come up with terrific fillers for plastic Easter eggs, but this idea is built around celebrating empty eggs. After all, the greatest news on Easter morning was the discovery of an empty tomb! Easter pails can be colorful and brimming with Easter grass and maybe even little candies sprinkled around, but the single plastic egg on top has nothing inside. Parents can tell the kids why or place a notecard in the pail explaining the symbolism.

2. Resurrection Eggs – Wordless Book Jelly Beans
Resurrection eggs have been around for a while, but if you’ve never used them this year you should give them a try. They usually come in a cardboard carton just like regular eggs. Inside the carton are plastic eggs and inside the eggs are portions of the Easter story – usually represented by monopoly-like tokens. A nail, a stone, a tiny donkey… If you don’t want to buy Resurrection Eggs, consider making your own wordless book with jelly beans. Black ones stand for sin, red for the blood of Jesus, white for the clean hearts He gives, green for growing faith and yellow for the heavenly streets of gold!

3. Easter Eggs to Share
Among your Easter traditions find some way to share the joy of Easter with others who may not really know the story. Fill plastic eggs with yummy candies – but tuck a tract inside or just your own family-created notes saying Jesus died and rose again because of love for YOU. Deliver your eggs to the family hairdresser, school bus driver, postman, dentist – you get the idea.

4. Read the Easter Story Throughout Holy Week
Think about dividing the Easter story into seven distinct readings. Kids will be interested to follow the events from Jesus’ triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to His overturning the tables of the moneychangers to the Last Supper, the crucifixion and resurrection. Make it a yearly event to read the story together day by day.

5. Bake Some Resurrection Rolls
There are several variations on this idea from resurrection rolls to resurrection cookies (find them online). The main idea is that the filling placed inside disappears during baking so that children bite into an empty treat. Look for the recipe you like best and enjoy them on Easter morning.

6. Send out Easter Cards
Have your children help you sign Easter cards, address the envelope and affix the stamp. This is our most precious holiday and it deserves celebrating with everyone you love!

As you can see, it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort to come up with fun family Easter traditions. The trick is to pick one or two and then follow through. If you’re looking for Holy Week readings or Easter cards, here at The Printery House, we have a large selection to choose from.

Inspirational Cards and Gifts for Easter: Send a Message of Hope

Easter Cards 2
Easter: God Gives the Gift of Life

Easter is an important Christian holiday. It is the high point on the church calendar and it is a celebration of hope! It reminds us what had to be done to bring those who were far away (us), near to God.

As wonderful as Easter is, it isn’t always possible to share it in person with all the ones we love. There are any number of reasons why family members and loved ones might be separated during this most joyful holiday, nevertheless, it is possible to make the person far away feel included and near to your heart.

Shower them with cards
One way to create that shared feeling is through the sending of inspirational cards. Inspirational cards with a clear Easter message are inherently full of hope and receiving cards makes the person remembered and thereby included in your family’s Easter celebration. Send a card to grandparents living in another state, to aunts or uncles serving in the military or to loved ones spending the season in a hospital bed. In fact, you don’t have to send just one – why not send them a card every day for an entire week?

Instead of an Easter basket, make an Easter box
Another way to include people at a distance is to make up an Easter box. You (and your children) can decorate a shoebox or other box with colored paper and fill it with brightly colored Easter grass. In your box you can place a tiny cross, a book about a favorite saint or some new devotional reading. You could also make some handmade crafts to include. Construction paper eggs decorated with rickrack and ribbons or a cheery spring bookmark make wonderful additions.

A taste of Easter is like a taste of home
If your family enjoys special cakes or cookies at Easter time – this is a great time to send some to loved ones far away. If you like, you can send the recipe with a note explaining that these goodies are part of your yearly Easter observance. Even though they are not able to be in your home, you are sending part of your Easter celebration to them.

Phone calls – just do it
Phone calls are another way to help erase the miles at Easter. With today’s technology your phone call might be a Skype video call – but the idea is the same. Take the time to enjoy a leisurely visit, just as if they were physically in your home.

Easter is a significant holiday and one you’ll want to share with the significant people in your life. Inspirational cards and gifts are one way to share the joy, but there are lots of ways to make your loved ones feel that they are somehow part of your celebration this year. Pick up inspirational cards and religious gifts at The Printery House and start planning ways to help those far away feel near at Easter.

Observing Lent with Your Family: Five Things You Can Do

Lent 1
Not by Bread Alone

It is only a matter of weeks until Easter and the celebration of the Lent season begins this week with Ash Wednesday. How do you celebrate the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday with your family? Do you want to take the time with your family for a season of preparation for the glorious remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection but you are just not sure how to do it? Here are a few ways that you can truly enter into a time of worship and preparation with your family during this special time of the year.

Be devoted to prayer
Prayer should be part of every Christian’s daily life, but it often gets pushed aside in the rush of the day. During the prelude to Easter, be consistent about making time for extra attention to this spiritual discipline. Make it a family event each morning or evening.

You can pray for God to reveal Himself to each family member in new ways this season. You can thank Him for His plan of salvation. You can pray for the extension of His kingdom into all the world.

Begin a bible or devotional reading time
If you have never developed the discipline of daily bible reading Lent is a great time to make the effort. Family bible reading doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. You could read together through one of the gospels between now and Good Friday. Families could also make use of one of the many devotionals written specifically for the Lenten season.

At The Printery House we offer simple devotions that include a scripture passage along with a printed reflection or modern application. These devotionals are brief and easy to incorporate into the busy lives of families. More robust devotionals like the one based on the writings of St Augustine could be adapted for family use. This devotional pairs readings, reflections, and prayers along with recommended daily actions.

3. Be involved in service
Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and this should be a hallmark of His followers as well. Think of things you could do as a family to serve someone else – bake goodies for a neighbor, write a letter to a missionary, visit a shut-in or spend an afternoon volunteering at a food pantry or homeless shelter.

4. Learn an Easter hymn
The church has beautiful music written especially in celebration of Easter. Prepare your children to take joyful part in the Easter service by teaching them at least one traditional Easter hymn during Lent.

5. Make a sacrifice
Lent is preparation for celebrating Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, so making personal sacrifices has long been part of Lenten observance. A Lenten sacrifice is more than finally giving up a bad or sinful habit. The sacrifices of Lent should be about forgoing something that is permissible and pleasurable as a way of remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made when He left heaven to endure earthly suffering on our behalf.

This Easter could be the most meaningful you and your family have ever enjoyed. Choose one or several ways to mark the season of Lent and see what spiritual benefits you can reap together. Visit us at The Printery House for Lenten devotionals and other items to help aid you in family worship.