Tag: Fathers Day

  • My Father, My “Rock”

    Remember that this Sunday is Father’s Day…celebrate your father, grandfather, and husband with a Printery House card and gift. Is your father or husband your “rock”—the guy who keeps you steady, solid, and on whom you can always depend? Give the gift of a St. Peter coffee mug filled with his favorite candies or specially…

  • Cards to honor Dad

    It’s June and thoughts turn to Father’s Day and ways to honor Dad. Show Dad that you love, appreciate, and honor him with a Printery House Father’s Day card. A father’s love is very special, an extension of the love of God our heavenly Father.

  • Unique Father’s Day Gifts Are Simpler Than You Might Think

    Dear old dad. Or grandpa. Or a favorite mentor. Whoever the father figure is in your life, the one who has given you encouragement and support throughout your years, this may be the year to say no to the tie and go for more unique Father’s Day gifts. Here are some ideas for unique Father’s…