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Much More Than a Statue: The Meaning of Catholic Figurines and Icons

Catholic Figurines
St. Patrick Statue

For centuries, Catholic figurines and icons have been images of faith and inspiration. Typically depicting the Saints, Mary, or Jesus, Catholic icons and figurines are full of deep spiritual meaning and symbolism. This includes the types of colors used, the material used and even the way the image is depicted. Gold, wood, or canvases are popular choices, and common elements like wings or halos are also present.

Though they’ve existed for centuries, Catholic icons and Catholic figurines are becoming more popular as a tool for remembering and honoring specific elements of faith. They are also used to help convey and teach key points about the faith to new Catholics and children. Similar to setting out a holiday scene depicting the birth of Christ, many families use Catholic figurines to show and explain biblical events.

How can you use Catholic figurines?

  • As an element for remembering your personal devotions. For example, the St. Patrick figurine is popular now in homes for its beauty and meaning.
  • To honor or remember a loved one. If a family member or friend who has passed away had a favorite or cherished Saint, a Catholic figurine of that Saint makes a loving gesture of remembrance in a home or garden.
  • To honor religious service. Remember favorite teachers, priests or clergy with a figurine gift they will enjoy for years to come.
  • To help tell a story. Share a Catholic figurine that has beautiful detail, color and symbolism – as well as interactive features, such as Our Lady of Grace triptych, as you explain biblical moments to others that have deep meaning for you.
  • Share a Catholic figurine or icon on a greeting card or Holy card. Messages of blessings and peace on a greeting card are a wonderful way to share a Catholic icon painting. Many online Catholic stores have great selections.

Take a moment to study these items and reflect on them when you see them. There’s more than meets the eye – every color, brush stroke, surface and element is intended to remind you of the great hope that comes to us from our Heavenly Father! The Printery House, a monastery in the hills of northwest Missouri, offers Catholic icon greeting cards, Holy cards, Catholic figurines and icons, all to support the work and mission of Conception Abbey. Check out these beautiful pieces today!