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Religious Gifts for Women

Wall Art 2
Tree of Life Wall Cross

What do women want when it comes to religious gifts? Many are looking for something that’s unique, personal and also helps them share their faith.

Religious gifts for women can be interesting, memorable and fun. A book of devotions may sit on a shelf, and she may love the bible she’s already using and the notes she’s written herself in it, so it may be time to think outside the box. Instead, think of a decorative and inspiring wall plaque.

Maybe a candle set with a hint of scripture … or even a set of homemade soaps that smell terrific. All of these are options to help a woman celebrate a birthday, religious service anniversary, a wedding shower or as a “just because” gift that lets her know you value her faith and the way she lives it.

Another great idea for religious gifts for women is a wall cross or decorative cross, which have quickly come back into trends all across Christian and Catholic gift stores. New designs include the “Tree of Life” Wall Cross, the Dove of Peace Wall Cross or crosses with a new look of the ancient Celtic cross image. Each of these looks amazing in a home or office and convey in an artistic way that she’s a woman of faith.

If she likes to garden, consider a wall plaque that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Messages with inspiring words have become incredibly popular in flower beds along sidewalks, decks or gardens. This is something she can share and talk about when friends and family visit.

Is she a woman of faith who likes to send notes and letters? Stationary and note cards make great religious gifts for women. Simple designs with a cross or message of faith can suit so many occasions, and she will love having a great set of quality note cards and stationary handy.

Christmas in July: Everyone loves the Christmas and Advent season, so surprise her with a gift she’ll be thrilled to set out at the holidays. Candles and candle holders make a great choice. This is especially fun to give as a wedding shower gift for the couple to enjoy during the first Christmas together.

Who doesn’t love jewelry? A little bit of bling inspired with a faith message is an ideal gift. Try a three-piece bracelet set with a cross charm or a new take on a cross necklace. She’ll think of you each time she wears it.

One additional idea – try giving her a magazine subscription, such as Today’s Christian Woman or others that are inspiring to read and will be something she can look forward to getting. This can be a great complement and a surprise to accompany a candle or wall plaque.

Find great religious gifts for women at The Printery House, now in its 60th year of creating beautiful greeting cards and offering unique gifts to share your faith. Many cards are made with the help of monks who live at the adjoining Conception Abbey, so you’re sending more than just a card with your gift.

Inspirational Gifts That Honor Dad on His Day

Fathers Day Gifts
Strength Magnet Clip

Fathers are the ones who play ball with the kids in the backyard, love to sled down the
hills at the speed of light, and read them stories about super heroes at night. But children of Christian fathers know that dads mean more even than that. A believing dad shows his children what it is like to be loved, guided and cared for by a heavenly Father. On Father’s Day, kids want to inspire the man that inspires faith in them!

Still, if your dad is like the majority of dads, it is hard to pin him down and get him to tell you what gift would make him feel loved and inspired on Father’s Day. Lots of dads live by the “I don’t need anything” motto. Without any ideas from dad, standard gifts lean towards barbeque equipment or outdoors gear. But, Father’s Day isn’t just about what dad needs, it’s about telling him how much you need him and how grateful you are that he is there for you. So here are just a few ideas for inspirational gifts to help you send the message loud and clear on Father’s Day.

Inspire His Love for the Bible

Christian fathers love God’s word, but they may not feel like they have all the time they would like to study and know it better. These dads might really appreciate the gift of a
study bible. Study bibles include helpful notes and references to enrich understanding and application of God’s powerful words without needing to go to other resources.

The St. John’s Bible is a unique Father’s Day gift that could easily wind up being a family heirloom. All the Bible text is written in stunning calligraphy and there are 25 pages of gorgeous illumination. The Bible can be purchased as a complete seven-volume set, or it could be given individually with each new set arriving on Father’s Days to come.

Dads might also like receiving the inspirational gift of devotional reading. The
complete Psalter offers dad rich wisdom and words for contemplation that he can
read day by day. Dads who become well-acquainted with the Psalter are prepared
with God’s perspective on life and the many challenges life presents.

Inspire His Frame of Mind

Dad is carrying a load of responsibility each and every day. Give dad the gift of Christian art so that words of faith are there in the middle of those days. Framed verses like Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength remind dad that it doesn’t depend upon him alone, but on the Savior who empowers fathers to fulfill their role.

Inspire His Hobbies

If dad has a hobby, Father’s Day is a great time to bless him with something that will make his hobby hours more enjoyable. Fathers who enjoy gardening might be inspired by a new garden stone or garden statue. Often these pieces include words of faith and welcome.

There are all kinds of little ways to let dad know that his life of faith blesses your life. The Printery House is an online Christian gift store where you can find all of these inspirational gifts and more. Check it out today.


Religious Gifts for Women: Housewarming Gifts They Will Love

Hand-crafted soaps like Spring Rain and Cedarwood are sold by the Printery House and made by Monastery Scents, a business owned by the Benedictine Sisters in Clyde, MO. The soaps are rich, fragrant handcrafted bars made from natural ingredients; a bit of Holy Water and a prayer is added for you.

Spring and summer can be exciting times of transition and new beginnings.

Kids graduating from high school will move into college. Kids graduating from college will move into their own apartment. Job transfers often occur over the spring and summer so that kids can start in the new school the following fall.

What that means is that there will be plenty of opportunities to help friends and loved ones get settled into their new homes over the next few months. Housewarming parties are a time-honored way to share in the joy of a new dwelling place. In days gone by, the practice of housewarming was intensely practical as visitors would bring firewood to literally warm the home. Today, it is an opportunity to fill the new home with loved ones, laughter and well wishes.

Symbolic housewarming gifts might include a pineapple or any article emblazoned with a pineapple, since this fruit is said to symbolize welcome. Gifts of bread and salt symbolize abundant supply and are practical food gifts to enjoy. Green plants are also symbolic of life and vitality and make special housewarming gifts. Periwinkle in particular is thought to symbolize long and happy married life. Garden gifts also make terrific housewarming offerings. Garden plaques and planters give a new home the look of an established home.

Religious gifts for women suitable for housewarmings can take many forms. Faith-based artwork for the walls makes a nice welcoming gift. Wall crosses, framed house blessings, and other framed Christian prints usually find a ready spot in the new home. Other religious gifts for women on this occasion include devotional books and CDs of Christian music. Write a personal inscription and the date on the back of your gift and it will always be remembered as part of the welcome.

Whether you choose a practical gift, a symbolic gift, or religious gifts for women, the important thing is to not wait too long to pay a call and take a special housewarming present to say welcome. If there is not an official party, then a visit within the first eight weeks is considered best. When you get ready to go, take a look at The Printery House where you are sure to find many special gift ideas that will help to convey all of your good wishes.