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Five Great Christian Products for Men

Soaps 3
Mayan Gold Handcrafted Soap

With the upswing in popular books by authors like Max Lucado and movies by Christian producer Kirk Cameron including “Fireproof,” there’s a similar new interest in Christian products and gifts for men. While it used to be that selections were limited in Christian stores and online, it’s not true now – you can find everything from great devotionals to coffee mugs and even hand-made shaving kits for the Christian men in your life.

Many men will find the selection today refreshing and an easy way to share their faith at the office, in organizations they belong to and in their own homes.

Here are some great Christian products for the men on your list. Keep these in mind for events like Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations and “just because.”

1. Men like sturdy coffee mugs. Look for one with a little whimsy like “God Bless this Irish Man,” from The Printery House. Fill it up with favorite candies or coffee beans when you give it.

2. Handcrafted soap: Say see you later to flowery girl scents; try this collection of soaps that are made by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. The selection is unique and masculine and each soap is sent with a prayer and a few drops of holy water. Scents range from earthy to musky and are perfect for any man on your list. Try the popular Mayan Gold scent!

3. A Celtic cross is great year-round to say to a husband, brother or father that you appreciate his faith. Designs can be very masculine today, including slate black with a Celtic knot.

4. The Olive Wood Comfort Cross is a great item to hold onto in times of thoughtful prayer or meditation, or even times of worry. Holding a small cross in your hand as you walk, think, meditate or pray can be very calming and inspiring – and this one, along with others like it, remain popular for both genders.

5. A handwritten religious card can make a lasting impact on any man. While some men are said to struggle with speaking their feelings, anyone would enjoy receiving a note of admiration. It’s something they can keep for years to come, and it’s even better if it’s a unique, hand-created design like those offered here at The Printery House, a apostolic work of the monks and artists of Conception Abbey, MO.

These are just a few ideas for men when it comes to Christian products. It’s easier and more meaningful than ever to share a message of faith (or celebrate a message of faith) with the men in your life. Try it today! (Start here at The Printery House for amazing hand-designed cards and a full gift

Wooden Crosses to Make Your Home Beautiful

Cross 3
Pewter and Olive Wood

The popularity of Pinterest, the Home and Garden Network and the waterfall of design magazines at nearly every check-out counter seems to indicate that we enjoy decorating our home living spaces. Since the first caveman (perhaps a woman) painted on the walls of the cave, we have been adorning our homes with artwork that says something about who we are and where we’ve been.

This seems pretty natural. Your home is your space. It should mirror things that are important to you. For example, a family we know spent many years in Latin America where silver and pewter are popular. Since they are also believing Christians they enjoyed giving and collecting the ornate metal crosses they discovered there. Now that they live back in the United States, those silver crosses are a reminder of some very precious years, but they are also a mute testimony to others that the Cross of Jesus plays a significant role in their lives.

Here in the United States wood is a popular material for crosses. In the same way that the silver crosses are a beautiful expression of faith, wooden crosses can achieve quite the same effect. They are attractive in themselves and what they declare about your values is equally appealing.

There are many ways to use wooden crosses to make your home beautiful. If you have a stairwell, this is always an interesting place to arrange a montage of any artwork. A collection of wooden crosses of varying size could work especially well in this space.

If you have only a couple of crosses, then you might use them to flank another larger art piece. The crosses could be placed on either side of the piece or, if the piece was not too large, they might work nicely above and below it.

If you have a small, offset wall then this is an interesting space begging for an interesting display. Such walls, when filled with unique objects, become veritable hidden treasures. Visitors feel that they have discovered a secret gem when they come upon it.

But if you are looking for something a bit bolder, then mount your wooden cross on a dark background and surround it with a wide and ornate frame. The juxtaposition of the simple wood of the cross with the highly embellished frame will create something truly eye-catching. You can get a similar, though perhaps less dramatic, effect by painting the wall a striking hue before hanging your cross.

One last idea. If you happen to own a glass topped coffee table with a display shelf, this too can be a terrific place to display your cross. There are really all kinds of possibilities – limited only by the scope of your own imagination. And when someone mentions that your cross looks beautiful, it is the perfect opening to explain how the one who went to the cross makes all things beautiful.

If you are looking for a wooden cross or any kind of Christian wall art, check out The Printery House.

Inspire Your Life With Christian Wall Art

Wall Art
Hope Is Like The Sun

Do you ever rise in the morning determined to live a vibrant Christian life only to fall in bed at night asking where the day went? If you’re honest, the answer is yes because the answer is the same for all of us many days. The process of holding on to hope and joy through the minutiae of daily living is a lifelong process; and one that sometimes gets lost in the busyness of life.

The direction you set your feet is the destiny that you choose. If you begin your day with some time spent in God’s word and some more time spent listening to Him in prayer then you have made a conscious decision to be guided by God throughout the rest of the day. You have set your feet in the direction you want to go.

The ancient Hebrews talked about how to successfully navigate life before the face of God in many Old Testament scriptures. Over and over the writers of the Bible talk about looking to God throughout the day for the help to live rightly. The psalmist also tells how Evening, morning and at noon will I pray (Psalm 55:17). Asking God for strength and grace to live for Him through the day is a biblical idea.

The trouble with us is that we get busy and forget to call out to God and think His thoughts in the midst of life. The ancient Jews put God’s word on their doorposts and even rolled up in tiny scrolls worn on their foreheads. That wouldn’t work for us today – but the idea of having God’s word in front of us, where we do the “stuff’ of life can be translated into modern culture.

Christian wall art is wonderfully available for modern believers. Whether the words of Scripture itself, or framed prayers and blessings, we too can have visual reminders to cry out to God and find strength in Him. Wall crosses, framed artwork depicting biblical scenes and more not only make the walls of our homes more attractive, they help to make us more attractive as well.

In the hurry of life when we feel frazzled what difference would it make to look up and see “Be still and know that I am God” – probably a significant difference. Sanctification is a long road and all of us can use encouragement along the way. Christian wall art is a time-honored way to stay inspired all day long.

Take a look at The Printery House where you will find all kinds of Christian wall art to decorate your home and keep your feet headed in the right direction.