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Our Favorite Mouse

Meet Benny the Church Mouse who lives in the Basilica at Conception Abbey in Missouri. There he observes the Benedictine monks as they pray, study, teach, and work at their various jobs, one being to create Christian greeting cards. Philosopher, theologian, and writer, Benny is now studying calligraphy with the monks at the Abbey and enjoys dipping his tail in the ink to help write messages of faith. Presently Benny has five Birthday cards and five Care/Concern Cards.

Graduation Memories

Do you have any special memories from your graduation days? Your memories may include recalling feelings of being elated, relieved, and even a bit sad to leave behind that chapter of your life. Do you have family members or friends who are graduating high school, college, or obtaining advanced degrees this year? Bless and congratulate these special graduates with inspirational and celebratory graduation cards from The Printery House.

Walking Down Memory Lane

Do you have a favorite memory from your First Communion or Confirmation Day? Such milestones of faith can bring back wonderful memories. My Confirmation Day felt as exciting as any graduation day. I was becoming an adult in the church family. My grandparents had been my Baptismal sponsors, so they were present—as were my aunts, uncles, and cousins. My mother hosted a wonderful dinner in my honor. It was a glorious day on so many levels.