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Five Great Christian Products for Men

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Mayan Gold Handcrafted Soap

With the upswing in popular books by authors like Max Lucado and movies by Christian producer Kirk Cameron including “Fireproof,” there’s a similar new interest in Christian products and gifts for men. While it used to be that selections were limited in Christian stores and online, it’s not true now – you can find everything from great devotionals to coffee mugs and even hand-made shaving kits for the Christian men in your life.

Many men will find the selection today refreshing and an easy way to share their faith at the office, in organizations they belong to and in their own homes.

Here are some great Christian products for the men on your list. Keep these in mind for events like Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations and “just because.”

1. Men like sturdy coffee mugs. Look for one with a little whimsy like “God Bless this Irish Man,” from The Printery House. Fill it up with favorite candies or coffee beans when you give it.

2. Handcrafted soap: Say see you later to flowery girl scents; try this collection of soaps that are made by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. The selection is unique and masculine and each soap is sent with a prayer and a few drops of holy water. Scents range from earthy to musky and are perfect for any man on your list. Try the popular Mayan Gold scent!

3. A Celtic cross is great year-round to say to a husband, brother or father that you appreciate his faith. Designs can be very masculine today, including slate black with a Celtic knot.

4. The Olive Wood Comfort Cross is a great item to hold onto in times of thoughtful prayer or meditation, or even times of worry. Holding a small cross in your hand as you walk, think, meditate or pray can be very calming and inspiring – and this one, along with others like it, remain popular for both genders.

5. A handwritten religious card can make a lasting impact on any man. While some men are said to struggle with speaking their feelings, anyone would enjoy receiving a note of admiration. It’s something they can keep for years to come, and it’s even better if it’s a unique, hand-created design like those offered here at The Printery House, a apostolic work of the monks and artists of Conception Abbey, MO.

These are just a few ideas for men when it comes to Christian products. It’s easier and more meaningful than ever to share a message of faith (or celebrate a message of faith) with the men in your life. Try it today! (Start here at The Printery House for amazing hand-designed cards and a full gift

How to Find the Best Religious Gifts

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The best religious gifts might surprise you. They can range from whimsical and clever to heartfelt and touching. Today you can expand your thinking far beyond items like a basic cross – new religious gift items truly reflect a growing awareness and interest in faith and all the ways it can be expressed.

Part of the escalated interest in finding the best religious gifts may come from pop culture, with more reality shows and programs allowing faith to shine bright and bold. The wild success of Duck Dynasty, for example, has people searching online for items that express how their faith shared among family makes them “happy happy happy.” Other shows and best-selling books are reflecting a desire to simplify and concentrate on what really matters, and these can be clues as you explore how to find the best religious gifts for a special occasion (or just to encourage someone).

Here are some clues for how to find the best religious gift:

1. Consider the journey the recipient is on. Do they need encouragement? A pat on the back? Or something to smile about or shake up their day? Try a fun and colorful wall plaque or a piece of Christian wall art, which are popular across secular and religious gift markets. A bold statement about faith, a scripture and colorful text make a straightforward statement to the recipient and all who enter their home.

2. Think about the aspects of their faith that seem to inspire them most. If they are enjoying an active quiet time of prayer and reflection, try a top-quality candle with a scripture verse or embellishment.

3. Is the person you’re shopping for getting ready to embark on a journey? Consider something unique, like handcrafted soaps that include a scripture verse. Or, try a subject-specific devotional that’s easy to pack and share.

4. Coffee, anyone? Many of us have a daily routine of coffee or tea, and a beautiful and inspiring mug can be a great gift they’ll use several times a week. It’s also a way to share faith at work in a non-intimidating way.

5. Consider a decorative planter, or even a popular Willow Tree sculpture. Both are excellent gifts to commemorate occasions like religious ordination, anniversaries of religious service or a life milestone. These are the kinds of gifts that are likely to be enjoyed for years and eventually passed on to others.

When you’re pondering how to find the best religious gift, consider the source and the story behind the gift. Gifts and cards from the monks and artists at The Printery House are outstanding for their craftsmanship, quality and because they support a legacy of monastic works. Cards from The Printery House have been made on-site in the USA for the past 60 years, and together with a diverse assortment of gifts, you’ll have everything you need to truly celebrate life and faith with friends and family.