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Sending an Inspirational Greeting Card Can Help When You are Struggling With Loneliness

Be Still and Know That I Am God
Be Still and Know That I Am God

Social commentators talk about the modern phenomenon of urban isolation. This is what occurs when you put 8 or 9 million people close together in a bustling metropolis and they still feel alone. People in suburbia can feel lonely too. There’s a growing tendency in neighborhoods to never see beyond the neighbor’s garage door. The neighborhood as a social community has disappeared in many places.

God Made Humans Relational Beings
God made people for relationship. Humans have a desire for companionship and interaction. So when people feel alone, or perceive themselves as lonely, they quite naturally feel sad. God did not intend for His children to be all alone in the world. Psalm 68:6 says God sets the lonely in families.

Anyone Can Feel Lonely
Sometimes God, in His providence, calls a person to singleness or to remain childless. Even when a person does marry and have a family, that estate doesn’t last forever. Children grow and leave the home. Spouses die. Research shows that feeling lonely can even be somewhat genetic. There are many reasons why a person might feel lonely.

What to do When You Feel Lonely
It’s easy in that situation to withdraw and nurse the sadness. It’s easy to feel invisible. But one of the best things to do when you feel lonely is to reach out to someone else. Proverbs 18:24 says A man that has friends must show himself friendly. God doesn’t promise that everyone you say hello to will say hello back, but He does say that when you reach out to others it can help to bring people into your life to help you feel encouraged. You can start by sending someone words of encouragement in an inspirational greeting card.

Pick a Person, Any Person
Go to the priest or pastor and ask if he knows of anyone in the congregation who could use some cheering up. Send them an inspirational greeting card and let them know you were thinking of them. Are there people from your church in the nursing home? The hospital? Recovering from illness? Send them a card.

Moms trying to juggle a job and a family could use some encouragement. Parents of teens would love to hear something nice about their child or the way you saw them interact with their child at church. Husbands rarely receive praise for their faithful love and service. Everyone on the church staff would be lifted by a card from you. Pick a person, any person and send them an inspirational greeting card. Make it a habit and you may find that it is an open door that lets you out of your lonely room.

There are many kinds of Christian cards you can send to cheer the heart of another person. Check out the variety of cards for sale at The Printery House , for instance. When you feel trapped in loneliness, it can be hard to get motivated. Sending a card is a small step, but it can lead you into the world of connectedness God intended you to inhabit.

Make a Difference in People’s Day by Sending Inspirational Greeting Cards

May the God of Peace Be with You
May the God of Peace Be with You

Can you recall the last tough day you had? What might have made that day a bit more bearable? Sometimes a smile and a kind word from a stranger can affect you unconsciously for the better. But loving and hopeful words from someone you love are sure to make a tough day brighter. The Bible says A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver (Proverbs 25:11). Said another way, when the right words come at the right moment they are an invaluable treasure.

For the most part we don’t know when those we love are having a hard day. And in our hurry-scurry world we don’t always even see the ones we love from one week to the next. Which is why it is such a good idea to make a practice of sending encouraging cards to the people in your life. You never know when God will arrange it so that your card arrives at just the right moment and becomes someone’s treasure.

Inspirational greeting cards make it easy to send uplifting words because they come prepared with some sort of God-directed message. Inspirational greeting cards carry encouraging words like God is with you or God wants you to call on Him. Some cards are printed with comforting words of prayer. Others remind recipients of the inheritance that is theirs in Christ Hope, Joy, Grace.

But beyond the prepared message on a religious card are the words that you pen yourself. And this is perhaps why the practice of mailing cards and letters appears to be falling by the wayside. Life is full of problems and we don’t always know what to say in the face of them. The important thing to remember is that religious greeting cards do the heavy lifting in terms of making a power statement – all you have to do is be personal. Words like I was thinking of you today and prayed this prayer for you before I sealed the envelope can make a tremendous impact.

Your card needn’t be lengthy – it isn’t the number of words that make the difference in a personal card or letter. It’s what those words convey. I’m so glad that God gave you to me as a friend. I told Him so today and now I’m telling you. And it doesn’t make any difference whether you print your message or write it out in longhand – just make it something from your heart. Those are the messages that make an impact.

Think back over your last several trips to your own mailbox. How many handwritten notes were there waiting for you? If you are like most people– not many. The postal service is delivering fewer and fewer pieces of personal mail. That means that when you take the five to ten minutes needed to jot a few lines and address an envelope your efforts will stand out.

Why not buy a collection of inspirational greeting cards and have them on hand? Decide to send one card to one person each week. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel and what a difference it will make in other people’s day. If you’re looking for a place to buy those religious greeting cards – check out The Printery House where your purchase also helps support the work of training men in the ministry.

Share the Story of the Candy Cane This Christmas With an Inspirational Greeting Card

Christmas Cards 2
Legend of the Candy Cane

Christmas is a celebration that is heavy with symbolism. There is any number of traditional Christmas symbols that we enjoy without really knowing their origin. For example, why do we use wreaths at Christmas? Why a tree? Where did mistletoe get started? One that is recognized by everyone both young and old is the Candy Cane. The candy cane is one of the holiday’s most popular symbols and it is a perennial favorite with children. But do you know how it came to be associated with the Christmas holiday?

It is said that the candy’s Christmas history goes as far back as the 1670s. At that time candy canes were actually candy sticks. They were straight and tall and all white. The story goes that a choirmaster in Cologne, Germany was having a difficult time each year managing boisterous children during his Christmas Eve program.

Since handing out candy in church was generally frowned upon, the choirmaster had the sugar canes bent into the shape of a shepherd’s staff. Giving the children a symbol associated with the Christmas story reinforced the nativity tale and had the added benefit of keeping the little ones quiet and content during the program. It soon became popular all across Europe to give children a sugar candy cane during Christmas Eve service.

The candy cane made its way to America with the German immigrants who came to this country in the 1800s. Hanging sugar canes, which were still completely white, all over the Christmas tree caught on quickly. We know that the canes were still unstriped because inspirational greeting cards of that day depicted them as pure, snowy white.

By the 1900s red stripes were added to the canes which were now hanging from the mantel greenery, the Christmas tree and peeking out of Christmas stockings. At this point there is some division over the precise meaning of the candy cane’s shape and color.

Some say that the candy canes are flavored with peppermint because of its similarity to hyssop. Hyssop is often mentioned in the Bible where it is associated with sacrifices and purification.

The red stripes, it is said, represent the sacrifice of Jesus – His own shed blood.
The white stripes represent the purity of Jesus – He was a sinless sacrifice for sinners.

Some say that the candy cane has the shape of a shepherd’s staff because the angels first appeared to shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth. Others point to Jesus Himself as the Great Shepherd of the sheep (the church). Still others make note of the fact that when the candy cane is looked at upside down it is the letter J which, of course, is the first letter of Jesus’ name.

Now that you know the legend of the candy cane, why not share the story with others this year. The Printery House offers a terrific selection of inspirational greeting cards including one that tells the story of the candy cane!

Share Inspirational Greeting Cards to Show Someone You Care

Thinking of You Cards 1
Thinking of You

The gift of language is a remarkable one. Words help us convey thoughts and feelings that go beyond what we can demonstrate through actions alone. Well-chosen words can give courage and hope, they can brighten the heart, they can soothe a troubled heart. The idea of sending words to loved ones in the mail to show them how we are feeling toward them is more important today than ever, with fewer people taking the time to send this type of message.

Most people still prefer to receive a card in the mailbox, even if its arrival is a bit delayed. And inspirational greeting cards help you find the words that match what you are feeling, helping you bless, comfort, sympathize, thank or congratulate with the unfading words of God.

When a friend or loved one is ill written words of encouragement are a blessing to them. Get well cards splashed with sunflowers and the words of 3 John 1:2 I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health really says it all. Just a line or two from you is all that is required. Or a card with a ‘feel better soon’ prayer and the words I am the Lord who heals you from Exodus 15:26 might be a gentle reminder to turn to God and lean on Him.

Inspirational greeting cards also help you find the right words when life demands some changes. Change is difficult for most of us. Things like retirement, a move or job transfer require us to face new and unknown frontiers, and that can be scary. Receiving a card with the words “Today Is a Day for New Beginnings” along with the promise of Psalm 121:8 The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in both now and forevermore could inject some courage into your loved one’s heart. Or how about a card which speaks faith into the future with words like May Your New Home Be a Place Where the Lord is Glorified and His Presence Blesses All Who Enter?

Sometimes we don’t have any particular reason to send a card, besides wanting our friend to know that today we counted their friendship as one of life’s blessings. Inspirational greeting cards sent to friends for no reason other than expressing appreciation for them shows them just how much we care. God has given words like Philippians 1:3 I thank my God every time I remember you that are perfect for sharing with treasured friends.

Of course there are inspirational greeting cards for all those other life events as well. Cards are there for expressing sympathy over loss, wishing birthday or anniversary blessings, congratulating on births, graduations and promotions. Even if you do send a digital greeting, following it up with an inspirational handwritten card will mean a lot. God has given the gift of words. Inspirational greeting cards help you use those words well by incorporating His words. Take a look at the complete selection of cards offered by The Printery House and stock up today so you can show your loved ones how much you care.