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Send an Inspirational Card to Encourage Someone During a Difficult Time

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Encouragement and Praying For You Cards

That first contact with someone who has experienced a family tragedy can be difficult especially when you run into him or her unexpectedly and you don’t have the right words to say. It’s totally natural because you don’t want to say the wrong thing. In many cases, you don’t have a clue what the right things to say might be.

Think about the times in your life when you have lost someone you care about or maybe just went through a personal crisis and were feeling distraught. You wanted comfort from your friends and instead were met with silence because they didn’t know what to say. What words of comfort did you want to hear?

Some of the most difficult times in a person’s life is when they experience the death of a loved one. The bereaved struggle with depression, guilt, anger and a variety of emotions that are difficult to live with. The bereaved often feel isolated and alone. It’s important for those who count themselves as friends of the bereaved to reach out in any way they can.

Having the courage to reach out is difficult, but it can be as simple as dropping a note in the mailbox. A note, even from a stranger, can plant a seed of hope in an otherwise bottomless pit of despair. An inspirational card can be the catalyst for a turning point where grief is replaced with hope.

An inspirational card might contain one sentence, but a powerful one that says you’re thinking about that person or that you are happy that person is a part of your life. A note that tells them you’re there to listen is also a powerful message – sitting in silence and listening to what the bereaved have to say is something that psychologists say is an important step in helping someone who is going through a tough time.

An inspirational card is something that can be sent over the long haul as a person goes through the grieving cycle and needs the continued support of friends. You don’t have to come up with just the right words, the card conveys that you care, that you are thinking about them and that you are lifting them up in prayers.

The Printery House offers cards and gifts for every occasion, including for someone who is grieving. The company offers sympathy and condolences that focus on God’s peace in difficult times. The monks and employees of Conception Abbey produce beautifully crafted cards featuring contemporary religious art that will bring a message of cheer to someone who is hurting.

The Difference a Birthday Card Can Make: An Inspiring Story of Encouragement


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Each Birthday is a Blessing

Have you ever received a birthday card that just seemed to wipe away the clouds and brighten your entire day? Can you imagine receiving more than 700 of them? You could if you were four year old Henry Hallam.

Little Henry’s story appeared in a September issue of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. The article described how the youngster turned four on August 30 in a bed at the Bristol Hospital for Children. Henry is in the hospital because he has a serious childhood cancer known as neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma affects around 100 children in Britain
each year, usually before they have their fifth birthday. The disease is treatable if caught early, but even if caught and treated, comes back 40 to 60 percent of the time – after which the survival rate drops to five percent.

Henry’s parents decided to make this birthday memorable for him and they asked people to send Henry a birthday card, hoping to gather enough to set a world record for birthday cards received. At the time that the Daily Mail article appeared, Henry had received 700 cards from all around the world. Mom and dad are in the process of contacting the Guinness World Record people to see if Henry will make it into the record book.

Henry and his parents say they are opening and reading every single card Henry receives and that it has encouraged them greatly to have so much love and support sent their way. Now the family is waiting to find out if the treatments he has been receiving have been able to rid his body of the cancer. Meanwhile, more cards continue to arrive in their mailbox.

The British story highlights how meaningful something as simple as a birthday card can be. It would just not be the same if little Henry was receiving 700 emailed birthday greetings. Those cards are tangible expressions of support. Henry can look at them and feel the love of people from places he’ll likely never visit. It took the family two days just to read the ones they’d received so far. The stamps from far away…the words written….they all communicated something that could never be translated to a computer monitor.

Maybe you don’t know anyone with an aggressive childhood cancer who is trying to set a world record, but you do know plenty of ordinary people who also need a tangible expression of support. The truth is that most people are walking around with a deep hurt inside them that they don’t want others to see. Your sister, your co-worker, your brother-in-law – they all look just fine, and perhaps they are. But it’s just as likely that they are carrying around a hidden wound.

Wouldn’t it be great to break through with an encouraging token of love in a simple birthday card? Birthday cards can be silly, serious, or funny. You can find Christian birthday cards and pop-up cards, even cards that play music. But if four year old Henry Hallam’s story tells us anything, it’s that something as simple as a birthday card can be transforming. Check out the Christian birthday cards available at The Printery
and change a few lives around you soon.

Blessing a Marriage With a Gift They Will Treasure

Wedding Cross in Keepsake Box
Wedding Cross in Keepsake Box

Summer weather means summer weddings. Everything is lush and green. Flowers are in bloom. The couple feels sure that no two people have ever been as deeply in love as they are. Weddings are a beautiful and joyous day for a couple. Finding the perfect wedding gift is a little trickier.

While it may be true that every newlywed couple needs a salad spinner and a cheese board or at least a set of 400-count Egyptian cotton sheets, guests at Christian weddings might also consider gifts that focus on faith.

The God who joined this couple will be the same God to carry this couple through many years of wedded life. Inspirational wedding gifts help them to remember that God resides at the center of, not only their wedding, but their daily living. So here are a few gift suggestions for blessing a marriage with faith gifts the couple will treasure.

Words of faith for the walls

Many couples begin life with not much more than a few belongings leftover from college days. Help the new couple to set up house by giving them wall art that points to God. Framed bible verses, prayers and blessings are a great way to remind the bride and groom that God is an integral part of their new relationship. Blessing a marriage with the words of Joshua 24:15b is popular But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Ornamental crosses are also a great blend of faith and stylish artwork.

Words of faith for the soul

Music speaks to the heart in a special way. Giving the new couple some Christian music to fill their home is a sure way to help create a joy-filled atmosphere. Wrap up your Christian music with wedding paper and silver-white ribbon and then attach bible verses like Ephesians 5:19b Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord or Psalm 33:1 Sing joyfully to the Lord you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise Him.

Words of faith for the mind

Christian books may not seem as practical as mixing bowls and coffeemakers, but ask anyone who has been married for more than six months and you will find that devotional reading can be the most practical tool around for holding marriage partners close to God and therefore to one another. There are many excellent Christian books on marriage that could be given. But actually any reading that strengthens faith and holy living will be beneficial.

Blessing a marriage, particularly a Christian marriage, with a gift that can be treasured is as simple as finding a gift that focuses on Christ. At The Printery House invited guests can find an array of faith-based gifts that will bear daily testimony to the presence of God in the Christian home.