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Religious Gifts For Moms Show Appreciation For the Spiritual Heritage Given

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Mothers are a unique breed. They can be stern when needed, but they are most often
thought of as a soft lap, a tight hug, an encouraging voice and a role model to emulate. That’s a pretty tall order for any one woman to fill so if your mom matches even one or two of those descriptions, you are wonderfully blessed.

A mother’s day usually starts well before anyone else’s in the house. Before kids have finished dressing or collecting their school books, moms have packed lunches, put in a load of laundry, and started breakfast. They’ve signed all the permission slips and signed up for committees. They know who has a doctor appointment and when someone needs to be at soccer practice. And they’ve gassed up the car because sure as rain, someone will forget something and mom will be the one to rush it to school later that day.

As you grow, mom may have less “hands on” involvement, but she probably spends more time on her knees. She changes from the one who makes choices for you to someone who helps you think through the choices you make for yourself. And mom is there to lend support when you make the zillion “learning curve” decisions – meaning all those you get wrong along the way.

Because mothers are such an important part of whom people become, our country decided to spend one day celebrating them especially. The first official Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1912 and was intended to honor mothers for their vital role in American culture. All moms are important and are worthy of honor.

The command to honor father and mother was first given by God in Exodus 20 Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you. God has never changed His mind on this commandment. In fact, the apostle Paul repeats it in the New Testament in Ephesians 6:1-3 reminding believers that it was a command that included a promise from the God who always keeps His word.

If you have a believing mother, you are especially blessed. You’ve been given a wonderful heritage. Just about every mom on the planet will enjoy a fancy dinner, a bouquet of flowers or anything chocolate. But when you choose religious gifts for moms it shows that you appreciate the spiritual investment she has made in your life.

Religious gifts for moms can include many different things. Moms are busy, so a calendar with words of faith is one idea. Moms enjoy encouraging and see it as job number one, so stationary that includes scripture is another possibility. Faith-inspired jewelry, devotional books, Christian music, or a donation made in her name to a Christian organization would all show her that you value her role as a believing influence.

If you are looking for the right gift to give your mom this Mother’s Day – consider a gift that is linked to her faith. If you’re looking for a place to find religious gifts for moms check out The Printery House. We are an online Christian store where you can find
everything from stationary, to artwork to books and beyond.

Decorative Crosses for Mother’s Day and All Year

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Cross 2Mother’s Day is just around the corner. The holiday falls on Sunday, May 12th this year. Are you ready? Finding something to honor mom can be a challenge. This year, why not try something totally different and surprise her? Buy her a decorative cross to hang on the wall that she can treasure for years to come.

Decorative crosses come in all sorts of styles so there is sure to be at least one that would suit your mother. Some crosses are ceramic, some are iron, some wood, some silver or pewter – there really isn’t just one material. Think about her style and tastes and choose one that fits with her décor. The crosses also many other specifics you can look at when choosing one. Some of them are plain, some have artwork and some are inscribed with bible verses or prayers.

Create a collection of decorative crosses: The great thing about buying your mom a decorative cross for Mother’s Day is that it can be a fabulous one-time gift, or it could be the beginning of a collection of crosses for her. Instead of trying to come up with a unique idea each time Mother’s Day, birthday or Christmas rolls around, you can add a new addition to her collection of decorative crosses. Crosses look great hung on the wall in a grouping. Mom will be thrilled with the idea.

At The Printery House you’ll find a huge selection of decorative crosses from which to
choose. Set in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri, the monks and the team at The Printery House offer Celtic crosses, crucifixes, crosses with words of blessing, crosses with bible verses, even a cross to celebrate mom as an Amazing Woman! There are wooden, ceramic, metal and slate crosses. Why not surprise mom this year with a great one-time gift or start her on a new collection? It’s a great way to say “thank you, mom” and share your faith.

Mother’s Day Card Ideas to Say You Are Special

Mothers Day CardsThere are very few people in life who will influence you as greatly as your mother. Occasionally a teacher will have convinced you that you could do more than you thought you could. A coach might have taught you valuable lessons in self-discipline and perseverance. Professional mentors may have given you guidance and advice that helped to direct your career. But mom is the one who has been there from the start and who you can trust to be there at the end and everywhere in between.

Thankfully, there is one day set aside each year for telling moms how much we appreciate them. Mother’s Day usually includes treating mom to a day off from cooking, maybe a gift of some sort, but certainly a greeting card. There are many cards from which to choose and yet, finding one that blends the right art and the right message can mean standing for good portions of time in the card aisle. To speed along the process here are some Mother’s Day card ideas to keep in mind:

Praise her for something specific

The best Mother’s Day card ideas are those which find something concrete for which to thank or praise mom. Gratitude that is vaguely expressed is hard to hold onto. Tell your mom what you appreciate in so many words.

You can thank your mom for modeling a life of faith for you. Proverbs 31 says “a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

You can use a religious greeting card to thank her for a lifetime of teaching you about what the Bible says, and how it applies to everyday situations. A mother who obeys the charge of Deuteronomy 6 “keep the words that I am commanding you…recite them to your children and talk about them…” is a mother to be greatly appreciated for her faithfulness.

You can tell mom how her love has impacted you. Many times, a mother loves when everyone else but God forgets. Tell her how she has embodied 1 Corinthians 13 “and now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Do remember all the moms in your life

Your own mother has had the greatest impact on you, but other moms affect your life too. If you are married, your mother-in-law deserves some credit for the wonderful spouse you enjoy. Grandmothers are moms to several generations and deserve recognition found in a religious greeting card. Spiritual mothers, women who have influenced your spiritual life, also will be encouraged by your words of thanks and praise.

At The Printery House you can find cards to match all of these Mother’s Day card ideas. Cards with lovely artwork and scriptural messages help you tell mom exactly why she
is so special in your life. Boxed card sets make it easy to remember all the special mothers in your life … and shopping online means you don’t have to spend hours in the store! Send a card from The Printery House this year.