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Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Only a few miles from the Printery House is the site of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at Clyde, Missouri. If you live near the area, it’s worth a trip to see their incredibly beautiful adoration chapel, as well as their chapel of religious relics. Just be sure to phone ahead to make sure they are not closed to the public on that day, due to a change in their schedule.

It was after WWI (1920-1927) the Sisters ran the Caritas Project that enabled them to send financial aid to seminaries, religious communities, and cities in Europe. These monies were from the Sisters own benefactors and supporters, as well as the readers of their magazine. As a way to show gratitude, the Europeans who had been helped sent many relics (close to 600). Some came from private donors but the majority came from the Caritas Project. These relics are now on display in the relic chapel.

Another interesting fact about the Sisters is that they make scented handmade soaps, which are infused with a bit of holy water and prayers for God’s blessings on whoever uses it. The Sisters make the soap from natural ingredients, such as shea, cocoa butters, olive, coconut, and almond oils. Available in 44 exclusive scents, “Morning Dew”—reminiscent of the clean, fresh scent of morning in the verdant hills of Ireland—would make a perfect St. Patrick’s Day gift. Abbey Scented Soaps can be ordered from the Printery House website, their catalog, or directly from the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration.

How Shopping Online Can Save Your Christmas Season

"Nativity Light" Votive Holder
“Nativity Light” Votive Holder

The Christmas season is upon us. Carolers are practicing their vocal harmonies, shops are gearing up for the mad dash to the stores and families are booking flights and planning road trips so that they can be together during the holidays. The holiday season, even with all its Christmas cheer, can get stressful, especially when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love. That’s why shopping online might be your best bet and The Printery House can help.

For Christians, the Christmas season carries a lot of weight. After all, it is this holiday that is nationally celebrated as the birthdate of Jesus. A day this special deserves a lot of attention and time spent with the ones you treasure the most. So when you go out in search of the right gift to give the special people in your life, why not give them a religious gift, a gift that celebrates the real reason for the Christmas season?

You can purchase items like candle holders, Bibles, books, mugs, or holy relic art prints to give to the people in your life that you share your Christian faith with. These Christian gifts will be more than material items to those that receive them. They will be heartfelt and sincere representations of your faith and of what the people you gift them to mean to you.

Once you do your shopping online, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare some inexpensive, thoughtful gifts as well. Make some bread from scratch and leave it on the doorsteps of your neighbors or close friends as a sweet little surprise. Write a loving note to the ones you love and attach a bite-size chocolate bar to the envelope. Plan an impromptu visit with a friend or family member you don’t get to see often because the best presents are sometimes just your presence alone, and in some cases, the most thoughtful gifts in the world cost the least amount of money.

When you choose to go the route of shopping online, you save lots of time. With that extra time to spare, you can volunteer with the Salvation Army by ringing a bell in a Santa hat and collecting money to help those in need. Look through the clothing items around your house and consider donating any cold weather items like hats or coats that no longer fit the members of your family to Goodwill or to families in need that you know. Shopping online can free you up to do a lot of other life-impacting things to help the world around you.

If you do your shopping online at The Printery House, you can find a lot of heartfelt, Christian gifts to give to those that mean the most to you. The Printery House has everything, from framed verses and religious sayings to Christmas ornaments to beautiful nativity scenes to cards to send out in the mail. All of these items can be purchased online and shipped right to your door, which will help you have a relaxed, stress-free Christmas season.

Five Great Reasons to Shop Cards Online

All Occasion Cards 1
Everyday Card Assortment

From Christmas cards to birthday cards to get well cards – more buyers are deciding to shop cards online. They are doing the same with gifts, clothing, leisure equipment – just about anything and everything is now being purchased on computers or mobile devices.

A November 2013 survey found that the overwhelming majority of shoppers had moved away from Black Friday in-store purchasing and toward Cyber Monday online shopping instead. The findings, from a survey of 1,000 shoppers, said they enjoy shopping for goods online more than traditional shopping excursions. Over 80 percent of them said that doing their holiday shopping online provided a superior experience. And here’s why:

1. No traffic

A significant 60 percent of those polled said that they preferred to shop online because it meant that they didn’t have to fight traffic. The hassles of traffic combined with the frustration of finding a parking spot was a big deterrent to visiting physical stores. Avoiding that hassle was one of the biggest attractions for Internet shopping.

2. No pressure, no pushing, shoving or waiting in line

Once you do arrive at the store, there are other drawbacks to in-store shopping. A separate survey of people who shop for outdoor and recreational goods found that 45 percent appreciated the no-pressure online environment. Pushy salespeople, unpleasant crowds and waiting in line were all mentioned as things to be avoided.

3. Convenience

Another 51 percent said that the convenience of online shopping had won them over. The ability to browse through merchandise while curled up on the couch is a major draw. Most said they enjoyed the fact that they didn’t have to leave home to buy what they really wanted.

4. Good deals on shipping

Right around 40 percent were won over by free shipping offers. Good deals on shipping sweeten an already sweet deal.

5. Buy what I want – when I want

Immediacy was another reason given for choosing online shopping. We’ve all had the experience of suddenly remembering Aunt Sally’s birthday or the wedding to which we’re invited next weekend. Being able to shop cards online and buy right at the moment was appealing to nearly one quarter of survey respondents.

Of course, the advantages of Internet shopping don’t go away once January rolls around. You can enjoy the benefits all year long. Our “doors” are open 12 months every year and we invite new customers to try us out and discover for themselves the pleasure of shopping from home. The Printery House is a convenient, online Christian gift store. When you need Christian gifts or greeting cards we suggest that you make your first stop online. Find out for yourself why it’s so much nicer to shop cards online.

Peace This Season – And Peace About Your Shopping With Catholic Gift Stores

Peace Cards 1
Let There Be Peace On Earth

When you think Christmas shopping, do you think big-chain retail stores … and lines, full parking lots and general fatigue?

How about this picture instead: You, cozy at home with your laptop and a mug of hot cocoa, enjoying Christmas music and browsing at your leisure through great faith-filled gifts for everyone on your list. This is the scene you can enjoy when you shop Catholic gift stores.

Shopping online for religious greeting cards and inspirational gifts is better now than ever, with new items like fashionable wall plaques, candles, scented soaps and jewelry that helps friends and family members share their faith every day. Another wonderful part of shopping online if that retailers have safe and secure sites that can even hold onto your favorite items in a wish list or shopping list.

So what are some of the top items to click, buy, and relax again with this year?

1. Focus more this year on the power of the written word, expressed by you in a beautiful religious greeting card they’ll keep to display year after year. Don’t breeze through a bustling retail store at the last minute for cards for parents, spouses, teachers or in-laws – try taking your time and enjoy the awe-inspiring collections you can find online. The Printery House, for example, offers stunning artwork and messages created by monks and artists on-site at Conception Abbey, a Benedictine monastery in northwest Missouri.

2. Message blocks pack a lot of faith in a small space. Send a college student or faraway friend a message block, adorned with bright colors and affirming messages of faith that will complement any shelf, desk or corner.

3. Celtic-inspired items are trendy and fashionable all year, across all age groups. Pick up a Celtic cross necklace or two for a Sunday school teacher or family member. Keep an extra one on hand for a great gift. Teens wear them too!

4. For the guys, try a unique “Man of Faith” mug and coaster set or a scented shaving kit, part of the Monastery Scents line. The soaps are hand-crafted by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, and come attractively packaged and ready to wrap. The boxed collection includes Oatmeal & Honey, Frankincense & Myrrh and Swiss Lavender.

5. Now, how to celebrate that extra time you gained by shopping Catholic gift stores at home? Pick out a bright and bold new Jim Shore ornament from The Printery House to light up your tree or anywhere in your home. You’ve earned it!

You’re only a few clicks away from some peaceful Christmas shopping when you browse Catholic gift stores like The Printery House online. For 60 years, The Printery House has created wonderful greeting cards in their on-site print shop, and they offer a full line of inspirational gifts, too.