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Inspire Your Life With Christian Wall Art

Wall Art
Hope Is Like The Sun

Do you ever rise in the morning determined to live a vibrant Christian life only to fall in bed at night asking where the day went? If you’re honest, the answer is yes because the answer is the same for all of us many days. The process of holding on to hope and joy through the minutiae of daily living is a lifelong process; and one that sometimes gets lost in the busyness of life.

The direction you set your feet is the destiny that you choose. If you begin your day with some time spent in God’s word and some more time spent listening to Him in prayer then you have made a conscious decision to be guided by God throughout the rest of the day. You have set your feet in the direction you want to go.

The ancient Hebrews talked about how to successfully navigate life before the face of God in many Old Testament scriptures. Over and over the writers of the Bible talk about looking to God throughout the day for the help to live rightly. The psalmist also tells how Evening, morning and at noon will I pray (Psalm 55:17). Asking God for strength and grace to live for Him through the day is a biblical idea.

The trouble with us is that we get busy and forget to call out to God and think His thoughts in the midst of life. The ancient Jews put God’s word on their doorposts and even rolled up in tiny scrolls worn on their foreheads. That wouldn’t work for us today – but the idea of having God’s word in front of us, where we do the “stuff’ of life can be translated into modern culture.

Christian wall art is wonderfully available for modern believers. Whether the words of Scripture itself, or framed prayers and blessings, we too can have visual reminders to cry out to God and find strength in Him. Wall crosses, framed artwork depicting biblical scenes and more not only make the walls of our homes more attractive, they help to make us more attractive as well.

In the hurry of life when we feel frazzled what difference would it make to look up and see “Be still and know that I am God” – probably a significant difference. Sanctification is a long road and all of us can use encouragement along the way. Christian wall art is a time-honored way to stay inspired all day long.

Take a look at The Printery House where you will find all kinds of Christian wall art to decorate your home and keep your feet headed in the right direction.

Baby Christening Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

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Engraved Picture Frames are the Perfect Gift

baby christening gift ideas

Baby christenings are joyful occasions shared by close friends and family. Dedicating a baby to the church and to a life of faith is a significant moment for religious families. Babies often wear special attire for the event and christenings are usually followed by some sort of party or gathering. It is customary to give a gift, though guests may wonder where to come up with appropriate baby christening gift ideas.

When deciding on a christening gift, you must first figure out what sort of gift you want to give. For example, do you want to give a practical gift – one that will be used daily or at least regularly? You may prefer giving a gift that is less practical but more sentimental – a gift that has keepsake value. You may even choose to give a gift that is intended more for mom and dad than for baby.

If you are undecided about what sort of gift to bring, then consider what things are valued by the parents. Gifts that echo those values will mean a great deal. That means that baby christening gift ideas can run the gamut from religious life, to family identity.

Help build treasured memories

Religious families consider christening to be an important event. Young families today make use of modern technology to chronicle events like baby christenings. Social media sites provide a great way to share pictures of this happy occasion with the many friends and loved ones who could not attend in person.

But most moms and dads will still want a memory book that they can hold onto. A christening gift that works equally well for boys or girls is a photo album or a framed wall collage where pictures of the event can be seen and enjoyed. Scrapbooking moms might like receiving all the templates, adornments and supplies necessary for creating a couple of pages dedicated to the christening.

Commemorative Mementos

Another way to remember this day is with a keepsake gift. Keepsake gifts are not intended to be used or worn beyond the day of the christening, but they are treasured gifts that commemorate this important occasion. Engraved frames, pendants or silver cups and spoons can be marked with the name, date and occasion. Mom and dad might want to display these gifts or tuck them away for the future.

A list of baby christening gift ideas without jewelry is incomplete. Boys or girls can receive pendants, charms or crosses in honor of the day. Many of these gifts can be purchased at The Printery House to help celebrate the special day.

Inspirational Gifts to Share Your Faith

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PlaquesIf you’ve ever been caught in the quandary of wanting to give a gift, but not knowing what gift would be appropriate, you are not alone. When the occasion you wish to acknowledge is connects to another person’s faith-walk, it becomes a little easier – but finding something that’s the right balance between meaningful and sentimental can still prove challenging.

Online Christian stores offer many choices for religious cards, stationery and inspirational gifts to share either a subtle or a bold message of faith and hope. You may find that the selection on many online Christian stores today is bigger than ever, ranging from inspirational wall plaques with Christian themes, to faith-inspired jewelry, candles and unique picture frames. You’ll also find very detailed items to hallmark and celebrate special moments of faith for friends and family.

Most believers can recall the day or moment when they came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Hopefully, that time was soon followed by commitment to a local body of Christian believers. In the Catholic church, adults who wish to formally join in union undergo a preparation and entry ceremony referred to as the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). This rite includes learning about the church and its teachings along with evidences of repentance and piety on the part of the petitioner. Once the person is ready to make a fully informed commitment, they are admitted into fellowship through the Rite of Christian Initiation.

For children who have ‘grown up’ in the Catholic church, there is also a point of public profession and commitment. It is confirmation. Confirmation as a step toward spiritual adulthood is an important step in their faith and a day to be celebrated, and there are numerous special confirmation gifts for girls or boys, such as keepsake boxes and jewelry.

Gifts for occasions like RICA and Confirmation might include rosaries or Christian bookmarks. A plaque with a scripture verse or Christian message could be a great way to recognize and remember this kind of special day. Icons, figurines, sun-catchers, or CDs of Christian music all make appropriate gifts. This is precisely the niche which The Printery House fills so well. As a publishing ministry of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, The Printery House offers a complete line of religious cards, stationery and inspirational gifts uniquely designed to meet the gift –giving needs of the body of Christ. At The Printery House shoppers will find books, cards, decorative items and more, all perfectly suited to a variety of Christian occasions.

The Printery House has as one of its main objectives to support the growing faith of believers. You can be sure that a gift chosen from The Printery House website is one that reflects your faith and will inspire greater faith in others. Take a few minutes now to browse through their selection of inspirational gifts and cards. Whatever the occasion, The Printery House has just the right inspirational gift to fit the bill.