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Christian Décor to Fill Every Room With Thoughts of God

Irish Family Wall Cross
Irish Family Wall Cross

At one time the phrase Christian décor meant either a crucifix on the wall or a picture of the Lord’s Supper and not much else. These are still popular home accessories, but they are far from the complete definition of Christian décor today. Expressing your faith in the way you decorate your home has never had more options.

The Cross
The cross is the most obvious and universally recognized symbol of Christianity. If you have a cross visible in your home it says right away that you are a follower of Jesus. But unless you want to hang your cross like a bumper sticker in a place where only others can see it, where you place a cross can have great significance.

For example:

  • If you place a cross in the kitchen near the table you will be reminded that Jesus is the unseen guest at every meal and the silent attendant in every conversation.
  • If you hang the cross in the bedroom where it can be viewed while tucked under the covers it can be a reminder to pray morning and evening or a symbol of His comforting presence when troubling thoughts disturb peaceful sleep.
  • Placed in the home’s entryway it symbolizes that Christ is your first and most important identity

The Word
Bible verses are another way to fill your rooms with thoughts of God. It can be almost as much fun choosing scriptures as it is to put them in place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • On or over the front door – Joshua 24:15 …as for me and my household we will serve the Lord
  • On or over the bedroom door – Psalm 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety
  • In the bathroom – I Peter 3:4 Let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart
  • At the back door – Psalm 121:8 …the Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.

Never before have Christians had so much faith-based artwork from which to choose. Today you can buy truly beautiful artwork often with the words of scripture embossed at the bottom. Ancient artwork depicting saints can be mixed with rustic crosses to create a meaningful expression of the faith handed down through the ages.

Christian books and faith-centered figurines can also be key elements in Christian décor. Stack several hardbound Christian classics to create a pedestal for your favorite Jim Shore or Willow Tree angel. Or place a small garden stone engraved with words of faith on the mantle. You might like to display a collection of rosaries or cross necklaces on the wall in a guest bedroom. There are so many ways to incorporate your faith into the way you beautify your home.

The Printery House is a ministry of Conception Abbey. Every dollar you spend there on items to decorate your home (or your inner life) goes toward supporting the training of future priests and ministers of the gospel. So fill your home with Christian décor and the world with the knowledge of His amazing grace!

Put Yourself in Nazareth: Religious Gifts to Give You a New View of the Miracle


Christmas Cards 3
Miracle of Christmas Card

Picturing yourself in the daily life and happenings surrounding Jesus’ birth paints an undeniably moving picture, full of new insights and glimpses of the great intentional love the Father declared in that moment.

Stopping to do this now, during the season of Advent, can create an even more real connection to the truth of the moment – beyond the events that may fill your calendar and all the errands you have on your list.

How can you stop and remind yourself of the miraculousness of the moment of Christ’s birth? One book that continues to gain national acclaim is “The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem,” by Adam Hamilton. Hamilton describes a hustle and bustle around the villages just before Jesus’ birth that may resemble our own activity today as we visit local shops, browse online for religious gifts and make many other preparations.

What you may not know is that the town of Nazareth was one of lowly social status, and as Hamilton describes, would have been a one-stoplight town without access to stores, fast Internet or any other amenities we think of today if the story had happened now. It would have been a town of maybe 100 to 400 people and not one that received any limelight. The town itself was formed around a water spring, which is still present and actively flowing today. Since spring water, says Hamilton, came up from the earth and was constantly moving it was called “living water” by many during the bible days.

How amazing that the King of Kings would be from a humble town of working people, and not a flashy city of wealth. Even more amazing, Hamilton reminds us that Jesus may have been thinking about the living spring of water at Nazareth when he urged others to take a drink from the water where they would “never thirst again.”

Remember the town of Nazareth this year with religious gifts of hope for your family and others. The Printery House, an apostolic work of the Benedictine monks of Conception Abbey, offers stunning Christmas cards depicting the humbleness and humanness of the birth, as well as several gift items. Try the new set of photo ornaments to celebrate and remember this amazing moment.

Another book by Max Lucado, “God Came Near,” invites us to truly focus on the creativity of God and how His hand touches everything all around us, starting with the birth of Christ. The online description of the book helps us draw closer to the humanity of Jesus: “Have you seen the real Jesus – a working man with dirty fingernails and sweaty brow? The helpless baby, born in a dirty stable, and totally dependent upon his teenaged mother? Travel back in time and relive Christ the Son of God becoming man as God Came Near.”

The opening pages of “God Came Near” remind us that the night the Savior was born, few would have noticed or commented about an exhausted young couple who couldn’t find a room at the inn. The next morning, the village would be teeming with activity – shopkeepers and workers tending to their business as usual, not having the slightest clue of what had happened just hours before. Not having a clue that the Light of the World came near in the flesh and lay sleeping just yards away. This year, take notice of the Light of the World with religious gifts like a beautiful Advent candle wreath or candle holder.

Let Advent and Christmas remind you of the miracle of the Birth, and everything else will fall into place. You can find special religious gifts and cards to keep Him at the center from The Printery House, nearing their 60 year of designing and making cards on-site with a team of monks and artists.