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Five Religious Gift Ideas to Thank Your Pastor or Priest

Garden Stone 1Today is always a good day to say thanks to your priest or pastor for all their service and leadership. From weekly inspiration to visiting members to helping celebrate your life’s milestones, your priest or pastor definitely leaves a lasting impact on your life and that of your family. If you’re not sure how to show your appreciation, read on for some easy tips on choosing from religious gift ideas.

1. Go simple – send a beautiful handwritten card, out of the blue. Why not surprise your pastor with a card with a personal message? You can even get kids involved by having them include a hand-drawn picture. This is even more meaningful when you choose a religious greeting card made by the monks and artists at the Printery House, an apostolic work of the Benedictine monastery Conception Abbey.

2. Coffee, anyone? It’s always fun to remember that someone appreciated you with a new coffee mug. Whether it’s used at the office or at home, it’ll bring a smile. Look for one with an uplifting scripture or even a bit of humor. Every time they enjoy a hot cup of coffee they will be encouraged.

3. Christian wall art is more popular than ever … send your pastor or priest something to brighten up their office or their living room. From bright colors and bold scriptures to peaceful images, there are so many ways to say “thank you” when it comes to wall art.

4. If your pastor or priest is a rock for your family, show it with a decorative rock for their garden or home. This garden stone from The Printery House has an eye-catching but simple design that’s appealing all year long, in any season.

5. Why not send a picture frame with your family together with your priest or pastor? If you’ve shared a family or church event recently, send a photo as a keepsake in a frame that’s ready to display. Everyone’s desk can use a new look now and then, and it’ll be even more special with your family photo.

This is just the start for ways to say “thank you” to your pastor or priest. Take a moment to look through our gifts and card at The Printery House so that you can send your appreciation today, and you’ll both be blessed.

How to Thank a Priest? Five Simple Ideas for Quality Catholic Gifts or Cards

Gifts 2
Preach the Gospel

Honoring a priest in your life is a special occasion, no matter what the day or event. Their guidance, leadership and service continues all year long – and a message like “thank you” or “you’ve inspired me” means so much. Here are some easy ways to honor a priest with quality Catholic gifts and cards:

1. Send a special message to your priest with a handwritten Catholic card. You can celebrate their ordination day, their birthday, a milestone in years of service, or just honor their commitment to ministry with a note they will cherish. Some religious greeting card companies, like The Printery House, have a special story that goes along with the card. These cards, for example, are designed, lettered and created on-site at The Printery House, an apostolic work of the Benedictine monastery at Conception Abbey. For 60 years, the monks have worked alongside artists there to create beautiful, meaningful and unique cards for every occasion to honor a priest. Go behind the scenes for a glimpse of this process!

2. Send a quality Catholic gift item that will inspire and remind your priest throughout the year that the work they do truly impacts lives for Christ. How about a framed print for his office? One that says “Preach the Gospel at all times; use words if necessary,” from St. Francis of Assisi, is a simple and powerful reminder that you recognize your priest’s acts of service in the name of the Gospel.

3. Does your priest drink tea or coffee? How about a mug and coaster set honoring his faith. One that describes a “Man of Faith,” with the message “As for you, Man of God,…pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness. (1 Timothy 6:11),” will be a great complement to his work area.

4. A beautiful wall cross makes a meaningful statement to your priest and is always a quality Catholic gift. Several new designs are available, from a Dove of Peace to classic or antique designs and a Jerusalem Wall Cross. Some have bright colors and bold messages; others are simple and powerful on their own, like the Olive Wood Comfort Cross for holding in the hand.

5. Your priest is likely a reader. How about a few new bookmarks to accompany a handwritten card? Pope Francis designs are sure to inspire, as are contemporary designs. Pick up some extra for him to send in his own cards and notes of encouragement.

Today, in the New Year, as you consider how to let your priest know you value and appreciate his service and his ministry, you have so many options for sharing your thoughts. Why not surprise your priest this month with an unexpected token or card, just to say “thank you.” Check out the new gift items and unique card collection offered by The Printery House – every purchase supports the ongoing work of building up new champions of the faith.


Religious Gift Ideas to Help You Plan New Valentine’s Day Traditions With Your Family

Valentine Cards 1
You’ll Always Be My Valentine

Here you are in 2014. It came before you knew it. Now it is almost February and that
means Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So it’s not too soon to give some thought as to how you will celebrate the Day.

Valentine celebrations don’t have to be only about romantic love between a man and a woman, as wonderful as that is. It’s also a great holiday to celebrate as a family. For Christian families, it’s a holiday with many natural connections to our faith. So here are some religious gift ideas and suggestions for making this Valentine’s Day the start of at least one new family tradition.

1. Talk about how the Bible defines love
If you ask 10 people to define the word LOVE you’ll get 10 different answers. But since God Himself is love, your best source for defining love is found in His Word. Fortunately for us, God has provided an entire chapter – 1 Corinthians 13 – to the subject of what love is. Consider printing out the chapter and then take one characteristic of love to discuss as a family over dinner. How can we show this kind of love? How does God?

2. Give a cross necklace
The greatest love ever shown was demonstrated on the cross of Calvary. Explain the love behind Christ’s sacrifice and give your children their very own cross necklace. The Printery House offers cross jewelry appropriate for both boys and girls.

3. Share some sweetness with a lonely heart
Sometimes the best religious gift ideas are wrapped up in a simple act of kindness. As a family, take a bag of chocolate kisses or homemade heart-shaped cookies to a widow, widower or shut-in.

4. Paint the day red
Have fun with the color red on Valentine’s Day. Wear red clothes. Put up red decorations. Make red food (e.g. tomatoes, strawberries, red peppers) or use red food coloring to turn other foods into Valentine’s Day cuisine.

5. Give personal care gifts to show you care
Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give gifts that pamper the person. At The Printery House you can find scented handmade soaps and delicious body scrubs. You can purchase soaps as a gift bag or put together your own body-loving gift basket. Include bible verses such as Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news and Proverbs 31:31 Give her of the fruit of her hands along
with others you find to share.

6. Don’t forget the cards
Valentine’s Day cards are a tradition for everyone – lovers, families, friends, believers and unbelievers. Cards are a great way to share the love of Christ with all the people in your life. Encourage your kids to think of folks they would like to send a valentine and then have everyone write their own around the table. The Printery House even
offers cards with a bit of information on St Valentine!

Don’t wait to make a Valentine Day family plan. Life has a way of running ahead of us when we don’t have one. Look at our religious gift ideas and order your cards now and make this February the start of at least one new family tradition in the name of LOVE.

7 Religious Gift Ideas That Add a Personal Touch to Your Next Women’s Retreat


Shower Scrub 1
Black Raspberry Vanilla Scrub Stuff

It’s easy for women to start feeling isolated and discouraged in this journey of life, so from time to time it’s important to call for a temporary retreat – a time to rejuvenate and help them see that they are not alone and to encourage one another in their Christian faith.

The most important aspects of any Christian retreat are prayer and the Word of God. But if you are considering a women’s retreat for the ladies of your church, there are small touches that can build on those foundations. Including special experiences
or gifts can reinforce the idea that someone cares about each woman and the value of her place in the community of faith.

Think about some of the following religious gift ideas for your upcoming Women’s Retreat:

1. Coffee mug
A mug makes a nice gift, especially if it has a scripture verse that will be highlighted during the Retreat. The mug can be given empty or you can fill it with tea bags, mini coffee pouches, a chocolate- coated spoon or any number of wonderful treats.

2. Bookmark
Whether you’ll be focusing on a particular book of the Bible or another devotional book, help ladies mark their place with a gift just for them.

3. Devotional book
Speaking of devotional books, these always make a great gift and are the natural outflow of a women’s retreat. Quiet time spent together can be followed by quiet time spent alone with Christ.

4. Personal Care Gifts
Gifts that go home and make a woman feel pampered will, in a way, extend her Retreat experience. Giving gifts like scented shower scrub, scented soaps and hand creams will help your ladies think about their time together over and over again.

5. A daily planner/calendar
You have planned a time of retreat, but the women you want to encourage will need to re-engage the world very soon. Give them a small calendar and challenge them to schedule in time with the Lord and with other believing women in order to stay strong.

6. Stationary
If your ministry from the Word includes an epistle (which is really a letter) why not give women a small packet of stationary? Encourage your ladies to help one another through faith-building letters to one another.

7. Highlighter pens
You have prayed and God has given you (through your speaker) words from His Word that will fill your women with courage and hope. These words deserve to be underlined and highlighted as God’s battle cry to their weary souls.

These are just a few suggestions. Many of the religious gift ideas mentioned here can be purchased at The Printery House where gifts are created with great care. Visit them online soon and see what gift ideas you come up with.