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Fun Ways to Deliver a Gift of Catholic Religious Jewelry

Immaculate Conception Pendant
Immaculate Conception Pendant

The bible tells us that it is better to give than to receive. Giving gifts brings joy, it is a source of immense delight. Whatever the occasion, giving another person a tangible sign of your affection brings pleasure to the giver as well as the receiver. And, with a little creativity, it can be a whole lot of fun too. It’s all a matter of present-ation.

Let’s say you have decided to give a piece of Catholic religious jewelry in honor of a birthday, anniversary or confirmation. Here are a few ways to make your gift-giving even better. The mode of delivery is what makes the fun and can be tied to the kind of gift you are giving.

1. A Subtle Delivery
Subtlety can be fun. If you want your gift giving to be more private, then leave your beautifully wrapped Catholic religious jewelry on a bed pillow, breakfast plate or in the vitamin cabinet. You could put it on the driver’s seat in her car or leave it on the keyboard at her work computer. The surprise of finding a gift doubles the fun.

2. A Surprise Method Delivery
Any gift occasion is made more special when the one handing over the present is out-of-the-ordinary. Since you probably don’t have a castle page with a velvet pillow standing by, you’ll need to come up with your own special delivery method. Tie your gift around the neck of the family pooch. Have one of the children carry it in on a pillow, in a basket with a bow or atop a decorated cake.

3. A Treasure Hunt Delivery
Think of Russian nesting dolls and you’ll get the idea behind treasure hunt package delivery. It’s the wrapped box inside a wrapped box inside another wrapped box idea. The large wrapped box will throw your recipient way off-track until they get to the small jewelry-sized box deep within.

4. A Hide and Seek Delivery
Double the fun by turning your gift-giving into a game. The scavenger hunt approach is a time-tested way to make the joy last. Inside a nice card, give instructions that lead your recipient to the next clue. You can use riddles or make it plain – it’s all up to you. The final destination can be a party location or it could be somewhere for just the two of you. It depends on what event you are celebrating. Sometimes picture-taking is part of collecting clues, which makes a great memory page for the event.

If you have an upcoming event which requires a gift, think about giving Catholic religious jewelry. It’s a gift that says you love the whole person – body, soul and spirit. And when you come up with a creative delivery plan, your gift becomes that much more wonderful. At the Printery House, we have a selection of religious jewelry. We invite you to take a look. The unique presentation is up to you.

Religious Jewelry: You Can Express Your Faith and Show Your Style

Jewelry 3
Monogram of Christ Cross

You might think that religious jewelry looks all the same or that design choices are not good. But if you do, you’d be wrong. Your faith is a serious matter, but how you express that faith doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. It is possible to express your faith and at the same time show that you possess a personal sense of style. Faith and fashion can go together and finding ways for them to do so gives you a chance to show the world part of what makes you uniquely YOU.

Take the cross pendant as an example. Most girls grew up wearing a single cross pendant on a single gold or silver chain – and that is still an attractive style. But it is far from the only way to wear the ubiquitous symbol of Christianity. Here are a few ways to mix things up a little.

1. The possibilities are charming
Bracelets are enjoying a current wave of popularity right now. Big and chunky is in. That means that you can hang your cross from any of your existing bracelets to give them a whole new look. Or, you could add your pendant to a charm bracelet. If you don’t already own a charm bracelet, now might be a good time to pick one up – especially since you won’t need to pay for a charm since ou have one hanging on your cross necklace!

2. No one can wear just one
The days of wearing just one chain around your neck are long gone. Today, women are wearing multiple chains of varying length all at once, with all kinds of pendants. In fact, half the fun is changing the pendants according to your mood or fashion of the day. Religious jewelry isn’t stuffy – it’s as unique as your own sense of style.

3. Drop it a line
Give your cross pendant a new place to live. Silver and gold chains are great –especially as mentioned above, in layers – but they aren’t the only place to dangle your cross. Colored leather cords are also fun. Wearing it short and tight as a choker is a little funky and ensures that no one will miss seeing it. Wearing it longer and swaying says you are relaxed but definitely grounded. How you wear your cross can be different every day.

4. The more the merrier
It isn’t only fun to wear several chains – it’s also fun to wear several cross pendants at once, on a single chain or several. Wearing multiple crosses is interesting. People will want to take a closer look. If you like, you could hang a couple of crosses along with a saint’s medal or a religious pin. Mixing heart pendants and crosses is another terrific way to express your faith through religious jewelry.

Don’t assume that you can only enjoy wearing your cross on Sunday mornings in a demure sort of way. Your faith is who you are. Find ways to let that shine through. The
Printery House
invites you to take a look at the wide selection of crosses and other religious jewelry they have to offer. Choose one style or several and say something personal about your faith today.

Religious Jewelry: Wear a Cross to Express Your Faith

Religious Jewelry 1
Trinity Symbol

Religious jewelry is one of the most ancient means of expressing faith and beliefs. For millennia people have worn jewelry with a religious message in order to express their faith. Among Christians, the universal symbol of faith is the cross.

The cross was not always the most recognized symbol of Christian faith. At one time, the fish, or Icthys, was perhaps the most popular. Particularly during early years of persecution, Christians were wary about making themselves known. Christian history tells us that early believers would draw the symbol of a fish on buildings where Christian meetings were to take place to keep them hidden or to secretly mark the location of a believer’s tomb.

It is said that Christians would draw one half of the Icthys in the dirt when meeting a stranger on the road. If the other person drew the other half of the fish, then it was safe to reveal one’s faith in Christ. Doves and other symbols were also associated with the early Christians.

The cross likely became a universal symbol of Christianity under the rule of Emperor Constantine. Some say it originated as an abbreviation since the Greek letter which begins the word cross, looks like a cross. Another Greek letter, shaped like an X, was a common abbreviation for the word Christ. Unde Constantine, crucifixion was done away with as a legal punishment and the converted ruler placed a cross (or an X) on the shields of his soldiers as a symbol of his allegiance to Christ.

The most ancient cross is the Greek cross. This cross is recognized by the equal length of every arm. The Celtic cross is another ancient cross. It is highly ornate and boasts a circle or sunburst around the upper portion. A Budded Cross has clover-like tips to each of the cross’ arms. The three leaf clovers represent the Trinity. But one of the most popular of all crosses is the Latin cross.

Today, crosses as religious jewelry are worn by men and women alike and are immediately recognized as symbols of the Christian faith. They are made from metal, wood or just about any other hard substance and are worn on necklaces, bracelets, as earrings and on key chains or pocket prayer medals.

It is amazing to think that there are still places in the world, where wearing a cross and identifying yourself as a Christian can bring hardship and persecution. We who are free to express our love for Christ and faith in Him can do so in any number of ways. Wearing religious jewelry is one of the easiest. Check out all the many kinds of crosses available at The Printery House.

Girls’ First Communion: Best Gifts and Messages

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First Communion Gift
First Communion Olive Wood Rosary

A girl’s first communion is an important day and deserves to be treated as such. First communion is a day which marks a person’s full entry into the life of the church body. Although adults who enter the faith also celebrate first communion, most girls’ first communion will occur between the ages of seven and fourteen. Cards, gifts and even small parties are often part of what makes this day so memorable for the young believer.

First communion is offered to girls and boys who have come to understand the teachings of the gospel and church practice. It is an exciting life event and an occasion of time honored traditions and celebrations. On a girl’s first communion it is common for her to wear a white dress which symbolizes her purity.

There are many items which make ideal gifts for a girl’s first communion. Perhaps the most popular item given is the gift of a rosary. Rosary beads are given to Catholic girls on the occasion of their first communion to encourage them toward a life of prayer. The beads help to count prayers so that the person praying can concentrate on the words being spoken. Rosaries come in many styles to suit all tastes; wood, glass, and even crystal. There are a variety of designs to choose from so that you can choose one that is perfect for the girl who is celebrating her first communion.

Another popular first communion gift is the gift of a crucifix or cross necklace. Like the rosary, these necklaces come in all kinds of styles from the simple to the ornate. Cross jewelry is available in gold, silver or more rustic styles such as wood crosses on a cord.

Bibles make excellent gifts for a girl’s first communion. Gift bibles can be personalized with an embossed name on the cover. Younger girls taking their first communion might appreciate an illustrated bible with colorful pictures of special Bible stories. It can be nice to write on the front page a congratulatory note and the date in honor of the occasion.

There are so many ways to acknowledge the joy of first communion. The Printery House offers all of the above as well as keepsake boxes, keepsake albums, wall crosses and even first communion musical statues. First communion cards are also available to help you let the young lady know that you are happy for her and proud of her decision to walk in obedience to the Lord.

If you plan to attend a girl’s first communion soon, why not browse through their online catalog of cards and gifts? The Printery House makes shopping online a breeze.