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What’s in Your Gift Drawer? Top Five Christian Products to Have on Hand

Carry the Cross Patiently
Carry the Cross Patiently

Those in the older generation (and maybe some of the newer) know what a gift drawer is, and how useful it can be. It’s the practice of picking up gift items here and there, as well as cards, and keeping them in one easy-to-find spot for when you need to send someone a quick token of appreciation or mark an occasion.

Gift drawers may be seeing resurgence in popularity lately for a few reasons, such as the convenience of online ordering with quick or free shipping, and new visual mediums showing all the options that are available. The premise, however, is the same no matter how you order the items – being ready for taking advantage of a special gift-giving opportunity. If you’re Christian, you likely have friends, family members, teacher and coworkers who share your faith. Your well-stocked gift drawer with great Christian products can add meaning (while still being convenient) as you surprise these special people with the occasional gift.

Here are some ideas for the top five Christian products you may want to keep in your own gift drawer:

1. Simple but meaningful wall plaques. Wall art is a major trend right now, thanks to sites like Pinterest for keeping viewers supplied with thousands of ideas. Pick up a few bold and inspiring Christian wall art pieces from a source like The Printery House, and you’ll be ready for any occasion. They work very well for weddings, encouragement, thank yous or “just because.”

2. Candles are always a great choice. Keep a selection of candles handy in your gift drawer. Some come with customized candle holders and they’re always an appropriate gift year-round. Throw in a few gift bags and some tissue paper, and you’re ready when an opportunity arises.

3. Coffee, anyone? Most people still enjoy a good cup of joe, or hot chocolate, or tea…so keeping a few inspiring mugs in your gift drawer means you’re able to share your thoughts easily. Put a small gift card inside to a favorite coffee house and it’s done. You could even throw in a favorite verse or two on a notecard inside the mug.

4. A hand-held cross is always appreciated. A hand-held cross, such as the popular wooden Comfort Cross, is always a great gift – and especially for someone going through a difficult time. These crosses are used during prayer, meditation, walking and almost anywhere because they fit in a pocket or a purse.

5. Can a great card also be a great gift? The answer is yes. A selection of tasteful religious greeting cards gives you a chance to write a powerful message or a simple “thinking of you” at a moment’s notice. Many people may eventually share a gift or shelve it, but a special note inside a card will be treasured for years. If you choose a card that also has a special story behind it, such as those made by the monks and artists at The Printery House, the card is even more unique.

Stock up your gift drawer this week with a diverse collection of Christian products in an online order from The Printery House. And then just wait … the opportunity to brighten someone’s world will likely be more evident than ever! (And you’ll be ready.)


Wooden Cross: Humble But so Powerful … Take a Second Look

Olivewood Comfort Cross
Olivewood Comfort Cross

What’s so special about a wooden cross?

Everything. Especially when it carries symbolic meaning and comes from a holy place of origin.

There’s a thousand ways to share your faith or be encouraged, but the basic wooden cross holds its value year after year, generation after generation. Across denominations and status, the cross will always be common ground; it remains the great equalizer of our faith in the redemption offered to all by Jesus Christ.

If you have a wooden cross in your home, or one you hold in your hand, you’re likely reminded by its powerful message to pray often – but there are several ways to enjoy and share this ancient item:

1. Give a wooden cross as a birthday, graduation or encouragement gift. Keep a selection on hand in your gift drawer, because a cross makes a unique and meaningful gift for so many situations of life.
2. Use one as decorative art in your living area or even your kitchen to show all who enter that Jesus lives in your home.
3. Utilize a cross in your garden or landscaping. This creates a beautiful space to meditate and pray.
4. Have a small cross to carry in your pocket or to have in your hand for your prayer or devotions.
5. Wear a miniature version as jewelry.

One of the most popular wooden crosses is the Comfort Cross offered by The Printery House. This special item is made of olive wood from the Holy Land, crafted from pruned branches of olive trees from the hill country around Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It even comes gift-ready with special packaging.

You may also want to consider painting, building or decorating a wooden cross all your own. It’s not difficult to find small limbs or wood from a favorite tree, then fashion your own cross design. The main point is to remember the love, sacrifice, forgiveness, mercy and hope the cross will always represent.

Find great wooden cross designs and religious greeting cards online at The Printery House, where the monks and artists have been making cards on-site in their own print shop for more than 60 years.

Wooden Crosses as the Center of Your Easter Table Decorations

Cross 3
Pewter and Olive Wood Crucifix

As the Easter holiday fast approaches, you are probably facing church events, group events or at least the prospect of a family gathering to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord. Any one of these is an occasion in which you may be called upon to come up with an appropriate table decoration or centerpiece.

While plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies make for a fun part of the celebration, you probably don’t want to make them the focus of your table display. On the other hand, you don’t have to rack your brain or empty your pocketbook in order to create a tasteful anchor for the holiday table either. Keeping it simple and keeping it intentional is all that is required.

Of course a huge part of our Easter celebration is remembrance of the cross. The suffering of Christ is an integral part of the joyful chorus on Easter Sunday. One way to keep the cross of Christ central to your Easter celebration is to incorporate wooden crosses into your display.

Wooden crosses can be stood upright in florist foam covered with decorative moss
to resemble Golgotha. Often a large center cross is flanked by two smaller crosses. The cross of Jesus is sometimes draped with purple cloth to represent the grave clothes Jesus left behind when he arose from the grave. Then, set the three mounds and crosses in a large serving tray. This simple tableau tells the Easter story and keeps the focus on our Lord.

Wooden crosses can also be made from rough twigs you might find in your yard. Bind the twigs with jute or twine to create the rough-hewn appearance of a cross made by men. You can make crosses large enough to sit at the center of the table, or you may make smaller wooden crosses to be placed at each table setting. Writing place cards beside each cross with the words Jesus died and rose again for and then the person’s name can be meaningful.

Another way to highlight the cross in your table display is to use sprigs of blossoming dogwood along with a story of the Legend of the Dogwood. The legend is not a biblical truth, but it is another way to keep the cross as your focal point. In case you are not familiar with the story, it is said that the blossoms, which appear around Easter time, are in the shape of a cross with a red nail print marking each petal and a crown of thorns in the center.

Since the Resurrection is the promise of new life in Christ, it is also appropriate to create centerpieces that reflect this truth. Bird nests with eggs placed atop candlesticks or spring florals potted into colored egg shells can be symbols of our new life in Jesus.

You can use your imagination to think of other ways to make your table both lovely and faith-filled. If you are looking for Easter decorations for your table or other Easter holiday supplies, check out The Printery House. We have a large selection of beautiful items that can help you to share your faith at Easter and every day.

Wooden Crosses to Make Your Home Beautiful

Cross 3
Pewter and Olive Wood

The popularity of Pinterest, the Home and Garden Network and the waterfall of design magazines at nearly every check-out counter seems to indicate that we enjoy decorating our home living spaces. Since the first caveman (perhaps a woman) painted on the walls of the cave, we have been adorning our homes with artwork that says something about who we are and where we’ve been.

This seems pretty natural. Your home is your space. It should mirror things that are important to you. For example, a family we know spent many years in Latin America where silver and pewter are popular. Since they are also believing Christians they enjoyed giving and collecting the ornate metal crosses they discovered there. Now that they live back in the United States, those silver crosses are a reminder of some very precious years, but they are also a mute testimony to others that the Cross of Jesus plays a significant role in their lives.

Here in the United States wood is a popular material for crosses. In the same way that the silver crosses are a beautiful expression of faith, wooden crosses can achieve quite the same effect. They are attractive in themselves and what they declare about your values is equally appealing.

There are many ways to use wooden crosses to make your home beautiful. If you have a stairwell, this is always an interesting place to arrange a montage of any artwork. A collection of wooden crosses of varying size could work especially well in this space.

If you have only a couple of crosses, then you might use them to flank another larger art piece. The crosses could be placed on either side of the piece or, if the piece was not too large, they might work nicely above and below it.

If you have a small, offset wall then this is an interesting space begging for an interesting display. Such walls, when filled with unique objects, become veritable hidden treasures. Visitors feel that they have discovered a secret gem when they come upon it.

But if you are looking for something a bit bolder, then mount your wooden cross on a dark background and surround it with a wide and ornate frame. The juxtaposition of the simple wood of the cross with the highly embellished frame will create something truly eye-catching. You can get a similar, though perhaps less dramatic, effect by painting the wall a striking hue before hanging your cross.

One last idea. If you happen to own a glass topped coffee table with a display shelf, this too can be a terrific place to display your cross. There are really all kinds of possibilities – limited only by the scope of your own imagination. And when someone mentions that your cross looks beautiful, it is the perfect opening to explain how the one who went to the cross makes all things beautiful.

If you are looking for a wooden cross or any kind of Christian wall art, check out The Printery House.