Celebrating Baby’s Baptism: Religious Greeting Cards and More

Baby BaptismBaptisms are regular occasions for rejoicing in faith and standing arm in arm with fellow believers. When it is an infant baptism there are lots of ways to express love, support and ongoing commitment to the child and his/her family.

Planning and celebrating a baptism

Baptism is a holy occasion in which believers make a public commitment on their side and God promises to place a special, though unseen mark on the person from His side. It is a sacred day of welcoming into the community of faith, the family of God. Just as there were likely showers to celebrate the baby’s entrance into this world, the day of a baby’s baptism deserves attention which will mark this day out as separate from all others.

Be sure to plan ahead so that the day set aside for your baby’s baptism can be shared with friends and relatives. Another big part of your celebration will be choosing godparents for your child. If you are choosing godparents, be sure that you pick people who are likely to be involved in your child’s life long-term. Think of Christians who can be in attendance when your child has birthdays, graduations and other important milestones. Godparents can make a significant spiritual impact on your child if they are fixtures in your child’s life.

Special gifts and religious greeting cards for baptism

If you are the one attending rather than planning a baptism, you will want to come with a gift that expresses your appreciation for this day. Money in the form of savings bonds is a popular gift. But so are engraved items like a baby cup, spoon, porridge bowl or picture frame. If you are unable to attend in person, religious greeting cards with a favorite bible verse or words of godly wisdom allow you to share in the celebration even from far away.

Gifts for girl babies are sometimes a charm bracelet, usually with a religious symbol such as a cross or fish. A wall cross for the baby’s nursery is a gift suitable for boys or girls. A special treasure for celebrating a baptism for a loved one could be making the baby’s christening gown and cap from mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. This kind of garment often remains in the family for generations and becomes a treasured heirloom. The key is to find a gift that will convey to the parents and the child as they grow, that you consider baptism an important and joyful occasion.

The Printery House for baptism gifts and cards

At The Printery House you can find unique and beautiful invitations and religious greeting cards for baptisms. The Printery House also offers gift items that bear blessings, prayers and admonitions to faith ideal for celebrating a baby’s day of baptism, as well as milestones like confirmation. Shop today for this joyous and important life occasion!


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