Want to Inspire? Send Religious Greeting Cards Made by Monks


Order monastery-made cards now from The Printery House, and you’ll be ready when you want to send a quick note to encourage someone.

Regardless of instant texts and emails, there’s nothing like the feeling of dropping a handwritten card into the mailbox knowing it’s going to brighten someone’s day soon… or finding a card underneath your typical bills or junk mail pieces. It instantly brings a little joy to your day.

In this fast-paced life many of us live, there’s something that’s extra special and inspiring about sending religious greeting cards that are monastery-made, with artistic input from monks who are living their faith daily. One source, The Printery House, is still creating cards with the ideas and talent of the monks of Conception Abbey.

For 60 years, The Printery House has been creating cards at the shop in the rolling hills of northwest Missouri, which supports the monastic work of the Abbey. Monks have incorporated lettering, artwork, writing and production tasks into their daily routines for decades and the messages are more like works of art than just mere religious greeting cards. The concept of monks working to help support missions and causes is far from new; it’s an ancient practice and can have very modern twists, such as a monastery in France that donates hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to area charities from serving guests at an upscale restaurant.

Unlike basic cards you might find at a grocery store checkout, somehow these cards seem inspired, and it’s certainly fun to ponder about the monks or artists who design them. No doubt silent prayers of hope, peace and encouragement have been completed as a monk or staff member puts the finishing touches on a design or a message. This produces not only a beautiful card but also brings with it extra care and prayers.

The desire for quality and faith-based messages remains strong today, as it was in the creation of The Printery House, with team members continuing to share their talents to lift people up while helping spread the Gospel. Take a minute today and check out the assortments and collections for religious greeting cards, Holy cards, prayer cards and other unique gift items offered by The Printery House – it’s truly a way to “send something you believe in” that will stand out to friends and loved ones.


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